Motion Control

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GE Intelligent Platforms' industry-leading technologies are the motion control of choice of machine builders and automation specialists around the world. With applications in many industries, especially in motion-intensive industries such as packaging and high speed assembly, GE motion solutions deliver reduced costs via configuration flexibility, improved machine efficiency and increased productivity. The result is faster changeovers and reduced scrap, even in the most demanding applications. Choose from simple to complex motion control solutions that address your needs today, and provide the flexibility to expand your solution tomorrow.

Active Products

Product Name Accel/Decel Type Axes Digital Cam Switch Function Electronic Cams Electronic Gearing Feedback Type Feedrate Overide High Speed Synchronized Start Interface Master Axis Motion Profiles Motion Type Move Blending
PACMotion Linear/Jerk Rate/Jerk Percent (variable jerk supported) 4 per module/40 per RX3i rack 4 high speed outputs8 switches per output Turn On: positionTurn Off: position/timeUnidirectional/Bi-driectional 256 active profiles/2048 profiles per RX3i; Master and slave offsetsProfile scalingUnidirectional/Bi-driectional Any axis can be a master or slave for any other axes Incremental or Absolute Serial Encoder 1-100% Precisely start motion on up to 8 axes Fully programmable via PLCopen function blocks Complex multi-axis synchronized motion Highly configurable
VersaMax MicroMotion Linear/Fixed Jerk 2 per Module/4 per Micro Plus PLC N/A N/A Axis to Axis on Module Incremental Encoder 1-100% N/A Axis on Module 256 preconfigured discrete moves500 moves per sequence Configurable discrete moves and move sequences Simple blending
VersaMotion N/A Single axis N/A N/A To master encoder or another axis Proprietary Serial Encoder N/A N/A Incremental Encoder 8 point-to-point moves N/A