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Optimize profits and minimize downtime with modernization tools and services from GE.

GE Intelligent Platforms migration services

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Build a foundation for tomorrow, today.

The things that matter are designed on foundations that are built to last. But decades old components don’t last forever. That’s why GE has built a comprehensive migration plan that is full service, fast and efficient.

The GE services team has complete and fast migration recommendations. We act as your eyes and ears, as part of your team, to plan, initiate and implement installation with as little disruption as possible. An automation system migration can usually be executed in as little as 3 hours, often while keeping operations on-line.

As one of the biggest equipment manufacturers in the world, GE has addressed the challenges of an aging infrastructure and an aging workforce head-on, with revolutionary control systems that are easier to operate, understand and configure. If you’re looking to overcome challenges like limited parts availability, increased downtime, increased regulation, look no further than solutions from GE.


Future-proof your system for greater flexibility.

Leverage the power of the industrial internet and benefit from higher speed, higher performance and much greater efficiency in managing distributed assets. GE is providing tighter process control through faster components, simple plug-and-play connections and precision network-based data management tools that are built to stand the test of time.

A trusted partner.

Partnering with the customer to understand system goals and define project scope is GE’s top priority in every system implementation. GE’s extensive involvement in engineering and project execution ensure that system installations are implemented safely and efficiently. In addition, GE can support customers long-term with full system life-cycle support post-installation.

The right tools for the job

Automated conversion
GE has created migration tools like Application code translator that were designed specifically to provide a rapid, granular overview of system architecture and allow for a rapid transition to
new technology.
Predefined migration strategies
There is no better team to help you upgrade your GE components than the GE services team. We have proven migration paths that help you move forward quickly and efficiently.
Minimal wiring changes
Moving legacy wiring is an intuitive process when you choose a GE solution.
Pre-engineered gateways
Migrate at your own pace. GE has created gateways that allow for phased migrations.
Achilles security
GE’s next-generation control systems are achilles certified, and provide greater peace of mind in today’s cybercentric industrial environments.
If you're migrating from legacy control and I/O, look no further than the GE migration services team to provide expert guidance as you step into today's technology.

The benefits of GE technology today and tomorrow

  • Fully scalability: Entry level to high performance solutions
  • OEM customization and configuration
  • Modular design with options for pre-installed applications
  • High performance for uninterrupted data transmission
  • Lower total cost of ownership, less components to install/maintain
  • Ready to run SCADA and Historian
  • Achilles tested
  • Higher performance in harsh conditions
  • Modular design for an unchanging footprint

Request a site assessment.

All it takes is a site assessment. The GE services team has the software tools to give you a complete look your system in a matter of minutes. All that is required is a network connection. Working with a your system report, the migration team can make the best recommendations to move you quickly to today’s technology.


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