mCOM10-L1500 Rugged COM Express Module

Type 10 'Mini' module

mCOM10-L1500 Rugged COM Express Module

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As billions of machines continue to expand the Industrial Internet, they will be performing more tasks at greater speed and operating in harsh environments. At the same time, computer processors will continue to evolve.

To remain competitive, GE understands that businesses must proactively respond to these twin forces of machine connectivity and processor obsolescence.  

To address these needs, GE developed the mCOM10-L1500. This module takes advantage of the flexibility in cost, performance and power capabilities of the latest generation AMD Embedded G-Series System-on-Chip (SOC). And thanks to its COM Express architecture, as chip technology evolves, the module can be replaced without adverse effect on the underlying hardware and assets.

The mCOM10-L1500 is ideal for a variety of commercial, industrial, transportation and defense applications in a range of embedded computing environments. This durable COM Express solution reduces overall design cycle and validation requirements to lower the total cost of ownership.



Small form factor

  • Size (84x55mm) makes the mCOM10-L1500 ideal for applications where compact size is critical

Rugged design with soldered component

  • Reliable computing capabilities for applications needing higher immunity to shock and vibration

Next-generation multicore AMD G-Series SOC

  • Delivers high performance coupled with low power consumption
  • Supports multiple graphics display

Flexible option

  • Shock and vibration protection
  • Extended operating temperature range for environments with temperature extreme
  • Conformal coating for protection against dust, moisture and chemical


Cores/Frequency 4 Core 1.5 GHz 2 Core 1 GHz Up to 4GB DDR3,
Memory soldered ECC
Performance Applications or upgrades with mid-level performance and high graphics requirements
Processor AMD Embedded G-Series SOC


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