I/O and Storage

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Embedded applications make use of a variety of I/O boards and products that can expand system capabilities. I/O boards and bus expansion products are engineered to serve a multitude of applications across commercial, communications, and mil/aero markets. Bus adapters directly connect two buses to create a virtual bus that allows the two systems to seamlessly operate as one. Bus expansion systems are an easy way to add more VME slots.

We offer a range of input and output types designed to offer tremendous flexibility to system architects. Our product range covers analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog converters, digital I/O cards for special function devices, highly versatile, DSP-based I/O products, IndustryPacks (IPs) and transition modules and a wide range of multi-channel serial interface boards for standard bus and expansion architectures such as CompactPCI, VMEbus, IP, XMC, VPX, and PMC.

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