Integrated Plant Controls

Simplify safety and compliance, starting with your control system.

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The comprehensive approach
to continuous operations.

GE’s tightly integrated DCS solutions deliver robust process control with seamless connectivity and automated real- time information management to help you maximize uptime and productivity.

GE’s DCS enables users to improve operational efficiency, optimize production, and unlock new revenue opportunities by leveraging advanced data analytics. The IICS System consists of intelligent controllers, I/O modules, secure cloud connectivity solutions, advanced analytics software, and apps to provide real time process optimization and control with minimal disruption to deployed applications. Deployed with secure embedded and/or standalone connectivity to the Industrial Internet, IICS provides flexible options for each unique customer application.

GE’s DCS solutions feature high-speed, networked I/O for simplex, dual, and triple redundant systems. Industry- standard Ethernet communications are used for I/O, controllers, and supervisory interface to operator and maintenance stations and third-party systems.


Ethernet-based I/O can easily be distributed plant wide across all balance of plant applications. Industry-standard Ethernet communications are used for I/O, controllers, and supervisory interface to operator and maintenance stations, as well as third-party systems.

Integrated Applications

A common software suite is utilized system-wide for programming, configuration, trending, and analyzing diagnostics. It provides a single source of quality, time-coherent data at the controller and plant level to understand and adjust how a plant is operating in real time.

Engineering & Maintenance

The integrated software suite allows efficient programming and configuration of your power plant DCS. It also embeds tools for trending, analyzing, and plant diagnostics— simplifying plant maintenance activities.

MarkVIe Distributed Control System

GE’s Distributed Control System (DCS) solutions are easily adapted to the constantly evolving requirements of industries such as power generation, oil and gas, and chemical processing.

They control the entire plant, including balance of plant equipment and machine controllers. Additionally, GE provides added services to operate and maintain the plant. Comprehensive solutions cover all fuel types while integrating dedicated controllers for critical components. Flexible architecture enables optimal solutions for wind, hydro, thermal, and nuclear facilities. GE’s DCS solutions extend this flexibility from the traditional unit controls to complete plant solutions delivering advanced performance, operability, and availability.

For businesses that are dependent on decades of uninterrupted machine service, a redundant control system that allows for online maintenance is critical. GE’s Distributed Control Solutions are designed to provide the high level of availability and the flexibility necessary for today’s most demanding applications.

Downtime is one of the greatest detriments to productivity and profitability. It is imperative to have a system in place that provides the highest levels of system reliability and availability at all times. To meet the demands of today’s connected industries, GE has combined its leadership of the Industrial Internet with its rich history of process control to deliver the Mark VIe Distributed Control System (DCS).


The controller comes with integrated SIL certified IEC* 61508 Safety Management modules: the Mark VIeS, dedicated to safety-critical parts of your power plant.




  • Single operator interface for all equipment reduces training costs and improves operator productivity
  • Integrated system, single control platform, utilizes common configuration and diagnostic apps to reduce programming, system checkout, and start-up hours
  • Improve operator awareness of the plant with better root cause analysis, diagnostics and overall operational analytics that improve decision making.
  • Reduced project risks and integration cost via single experienced OEM
  • Accurate diagnostics for shorter maintenance outages; reduce productivity losses
  • Optimized component start GT fast start, optimized   drum level controls, via advanced control algorithms etc.
  • Reach operation excellence and reduce operation risk via High Fidelity simulator
  • Reduce training costs and improved operator productivity: Consolidated operator interface allows full control from one central location
  • Faster commissioning though dedicated control solutions Predix apps



PREDIX* for Distributed Control Systems

Take advantage of outcome optimizing apps by leveraging centrally managed industrial infrastructure. PREDIX software platform supports the growing Industrial Internet of things with cloud servers and Optimization Apps. Predix is a platform as a service cloud-based platform that enables industrial-scale analytics for Asset Performance Management (APM), Operations Optimization (OO), and Business Optimization (BO) by providing a standard way to connect machines, data, and people. Predix software can do for factories and plants what Apple’s iOS did for cell phones.

High-end, yet flexible, control system provides a single hardware platform, common configuration and maintenance tools, a common operator interface, and a single Ethernet network for turbine, generator, LCI, exciter, HRSG, boiler, and BOP controls.

Deep domain expertise of the main assets around the power plant allows for operations optimization and minimizes instabilities during system transients. IICS ensures a future-proof plant controls environment and allows for seamless software upgrades over its life through the GE App Store.

Cyber security is a major concern with modern Control Systems that offer a wide range of open communication with third parties. GE’s control systems are hardened. Several cyber-security options are available depending on the configuration. Furthermore, most of our controllers are Achilles certified.