High Performance Embedded Computing (HPEC)

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Sophisticated solutions for demanding platforms


The new era of embedded

Today’s embedded systems are demanding by nature. The environments are harsh, the applications are processor-intensive and the technology is constantly advancing. Our customers are challenged to deliver sophisticated solutions faster and with less risk, to remote locations with limited bandwidth and substantial SWaP constraints. On the connected battlefield, data (usually racks and racks of servers worth of it) drives decisions and sets the competitive pace in areas like electronic warfare and ISR.

HPEC, the introduction of high-performance computing to the embedded systems world, transforms massive compute capability into a format that can easily be embedded in weapons and vehicles, that’s rugged enough for the harshest conditions and that satisfies SWaP constraints.

GE understands that hardware and software alone aren’t enough, and we work closely and collaboratively with customers to define and deliver solutions that meet unique program needs. Squeezing high-performance data center closets into the size of a shoe box. Intelligently applying commercial big data crunching and cloud computing infrastructure to the edge of the network, where real-world military customers need immediate access. And in general, rising to challenge at hand, as the challenges keep coming.

Reliably rugged

GE’s HPEC rugged subsystems satisfy the most demanding embedded computing requirements—from ISR to electronic warfare (EW)—in the harshest, most challenging environments. See what the CRS 48.5 can do!

Commercial capabilities,
military precision

GE’s commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) product and technology roadmaps are focused on planned technology insertion. Today’s military customers can develop and integrate platform solutions with our very latest COTS modules and know that future form, fit and function upgrades will be available to support expanded mission capability and long-term operational deployment throughout the platform lifecycle.        

White Paper: Learn How to keep COTS platforms secure. 

Our HPEC experts share COTS insight in our Connected Battlefield Blog.

Expert consultation

To deliver next-level sophistication our customers can employ quickly, cost-effectively and with minimal program risk, we roll up our sleeves and work on-site alongside them. Our aim is to fully understand the unique challenges of every program and provide custom insights and actionable recommendations.

Follow the story of our HPEC Center of Excellence at the Connected Battlefield Blog.

Scalable and SWaP-friendly

Our open system architectures (OSA) bring data center performance and connectivity to rugged defense and aerospace applications with our family of OpenVPX compute clusters. Standard application programming interfaces (APIs) along with productivity tools for application development optimize performance and scale for size, weight and power (SWaP)-constrained platforms—targeting both manned and unmanned, air, ground and naval operations.

AXISLib-AVX 2.0 delivers world-class performance in SWaP-constrained environments.

WATCH how GE modular open systems architecture HPEC systems can be utilized for signal and image processing applications. 

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