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HART pass through

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More information from fewer devices

HART pass-through communications on the PACSystems* RX3i control platform provides simpler and more secure remote communications with HART devices and instruments via the Industrial Internet. By incorporating HART communications into the control layer of the architecture, you can conduct remote, real-time optimization, troubleshooting and diagnostic testing without the need for intermediary devices such as handhelds and multiplexers. More information from fewer devices helps to streamline operations, improve decision making, and reduce maintenance costs.

A complete, flexible solution

Combine HART-enabled GE devices with GE’s Device Manager Essentials or FieldCare software to create a fully-integrated, GE asset management solution. With GE’s full complement of communications drivers, easily connect with many third-party asset management platforms or third-party HART capable devices and instruments.


Fully scalable performance engine

The HART pass-through-enabled RX3i PAC can perform the control tasks of a process application more efficiently and far more cost-effectively than a traditional DCS. GE’s HART pass-through solution makes use of the existing 4-20mA wire to pass both control and HART device and instrument data, making it simple to install and use. And because it’s integrated into the PLC system over a monitored communications network, it’s more secure.

Simplify maintenance in challenging environments

HART communications and brings remote visibility and traceability to a plant or control application, so it is ideal for applications with regulatory requirements, large geographic distribution, or hazardous and hard-to-access maintenance environments. The ability to conduct remote, real-time optimization, troubleshooting and diagnostic testing, as well as streamlined maintenance makes it easier to manage operations, document compliance, and reduce costs.


  • Simple to install and operate; use existing 4-20mA wire to pass both control and HART data.
  • Seamless, secure compatibility with GE and 3rd party HART Instrumentation and software
  • Fully integration with PLC system over a monitored network for secure, reliable data transfer
  • Reduces the need for intermediary devices

A Complete Portfolio of Possibilities

The addition of HART pass-through capability to the GE PACSystems RX3i family makes it possible to get integrated device management solutions from one single trusted source. Combine the RX3i with flow meters, pressure and temperature meters, valve actuators and controllers, and other HART-enabled GE devices and instruments for a fully-integrated asset management solution.

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