Functional & Process Safety

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In today’s world of brilliant machines, operators require high-performance automation solutions that connect their machines, data, and people while ensuring the safety and integrity of their control systems and operational infrastructure. GE Intelligent Platforms understands the importance of simple, secure safety solutions to meet the demands of the connected world.

We offer scalable, flexible safety solutions specifically designed for process industry and factory automation applications. These solutions connect with existing machines and processes, helping customers create a seamless safety program that enhances productivity and efficiency, lengthens product lifecycles, and decreases the number of work-related injuries.

Watch the demonstration of GE VersaSafe, an integrated machine safety solution.

Active Products

Product Name Approvals Environmental Performance Hardware Design I/O scalability I/O Types Interface Media Network Interfaces
Mark* VIeS Safety Management System Exida -30°C to +65°C operating temperature Modular Ethernet based I/O system Up to 50 I/O packs Thermocouple Copper, Fiber Modbus, OPC-Classic, OPC-UA
PAC8000 SafetyNet FM -40°C to +70°C operating temperature 8-channel modules Up to 64 modules Copper Modbus TCPIP, SafetyNet P2P for SIL 2 peer-to-peer, Modbus RTU
VersaSafe Machine Safety CUL -25°C to +55°C operating temperature Slice I/O, IP 20 from 16 safety I/O points up to 500 safety I/O points 10/100/1000BaseT Copper, Fiber Profibus, Profinet

Discontinued Products

Product Name Short Description
GMR GMR offers unique flexibility in the way controllers and distributed I/O blocks can be arranged to provide a variety of options for safe and availability. Controllers and input modules can be simplex, duplex or triplex and outputs can be arranged in I, T or H configurations. It shares the same robust environmental performance as Genius I/O.