Excitation Systems

Reliable Generator Control for Steam, Gas and Hydro Power

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Reliable Generator Control for Steam, Gas and Hydro Power

Today’s power grid requirements are continuously changing to meet the needs of newer power sources.

Generator excitation systems need to improve their response to grid conditions and to enable future improvements.

GE’s Automation & Controls offers a full range of solutions for the generator excitation systems covering most generator sizes and types. From small automatic voltage regulator systems to large static exciters, the EX2100e has a configuration available to meet project requirements.

GE’s Ex2100e Excitation Control system is a software enabled generator control system applicable for steam, gas and hydro generators. The EX2100e has configurations for both new installations and retrofit of existing systems. Ex2100e control hardware and software is an integral part of the Mark VIe control product line.

Integration is seamless between excitation systems, turbine control, static starter, distributed control systems (DCS), and the human-machine interface (HMI) requiring no third party interfaces or gateways.

For stand-alone retrofit applications, tight integration with plant control systems is enabled through multiple protocols including Modbus/TCP and OPC and OPA-UA. Other protocols are also available depending on project requirements.



The Ex2100e product family includes simplex and redundant automatic voltage regulator systems, typically used for smaller generator systems. This solution has been specifically designed to address small generators and

embeds all the necessary control, limitations and protection to help the generator operate safely. This flexible excitation product can be customized to retrofit most configurations.

Static Excitation Systems

For larger generators (typically above 10> MW), GE offers a powerful excitation system for the control of synchronous generators up to 1>,00> Amps field current. It offers a wide variety of innovative solutions to maximize the efficiency of the power plant, as well as customized solutions to meet specific requirements.

Retrofit Generator Controls

For optimum retrofits, GE offers a Digital Front End (DFE) as the control section of the excitation system used to upgrade existing excitation systems with the latest control technology, yet keeping the existing power conversion sections, minimizing costs and downtime.

Generator Control Panel

Excitation systems can be also joined with synchronizer and generator protection to provide a complete generator control.

Nuclear Generator Controls

For safety nuclear application, GE offers the latest excitation system specifically designed by GE for the control of emergency diesel generators in nuclear power plants to ensure the safe operation even under extreme conditions.




  • DFEs minimize investments for upgrades by avoiding power converter replacement
  • Limited outage duration due to fast installation of the control system
  • Highly integrated with plant and turbine controls for ease of troubleshooting with integrated equipment logs and Sequence Of Events
  • Integrated solution packxaged specifically to reduce risk of retrofits and maintenance costs
  • Enhanced reliability and system diagnostics with latest Mark technology
  • Minimal component design approach reduces spare parts requirements and improves system reliability