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PACMotion* VFD Integrated Drive Solution

GE’s PACMotion VFD is an integrated, rugged, and modular variable frequency drive designed for a range of applications, including water/wastewater, metro, automotive, mining, food and beverage, packaging, oil and gas, discrete manufacturing and modular machine designs.

Automation & Controls, Programmable Automation Controllers
RXi2-XP Industrial PC

The next generation of rugged Industrial Computers is here. High-performance RXi2 IPCs offer new processor choices, increased and faster storage, improved graphics, and enhanced security features.

Industrial Computers
Synchronous Condenser
Boiler Feed Pumps
Excitation Systems
High Fidelity Plant Simulation
Generator Health Monitoring (GHM)
Static Starter
Emergency Shutdown System (ESD or BMS)
Integrated Plant Controls
Turbine Control System Control Systems
Combo Gigabit & Layer 3 Ethernet Switches Automation & Controls
Unmanaged & Simple Ethernet Switches Automation & Controls
Full Managed Ethernet Switches Automation & Controls
bCOM6-L1800 Rugged COM Express Module COM Express COM Express Basic, Type 6 Intel Core i7 Air cooled rugged, Conduction cooled rugged, Conformal Coating
RSTi-EP CPE 100 Automation & Controls, Control Systems
Control Server Automation & Controls, Control Systems
Site Field Agent* Automation & Controls
Mini Field Agent* Automation & Controls

GE Proficy iFIX offers a robust SCADA engine, rich set of connectivity options, open architecture and highly scalable and distributed networking model

RSTi-EP I/O Italian

RSTI EP combines powerful technology and a modular, compact form factor to deliver higher performance and more efficient project execution in today's connected automation systems.

Automation & Controls, Distributed I/O
Marine Industrial PC Automation & Controls, Industrial Computers
Series 90-70 PLC Programmable Automation Controllers
bCOM6-L1700 Rugged COM Express Module COM Express COM Express Basic, Type 6 2nd Gen. AMD R-Series APU Air cooled rugged, Conduction cooled rugged, Conformal Coating
ControlST Software Control Software