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High Capacity Edge Computing

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High Capacity Edge Computing

Securely deploy, design, and maintain advanced computing infrastructure by incorporating multiple supervisory control applications into one easy-to-maintain virtualized server. Control Server, with Field Agent technology, is GE’s highest capacity cloud-connected edge-computing platform. Control Server uses server class hardware to integrate the features associated with engineering and operator workstations, historians, and advanced communication gateways with new capabilities from GE’s Predix* analytics platform.

Why GE Customers Choose Control Server

  • Improved profitability. Control Server leverages Field Agent technology and Predix analytics to securely augment real-time control with external intelligence delivered through market analysis, fleet and enterprise, data, and asset/process knowledge. From simple business apps to complicated physics-based modeling, Control Server makes it possible to optimize assets in near real-time, right at the machine, to help save fuel, improve output, prevent outages and extend asset life.
  • Increased security. Seamless integration into the control network provides system wide access control, enables secure communication and reduces the overall cyber attack surface.
  • Reduced cost through productivity. Virtualized environment reduces the quantity of PCs while providing centralized management of regular maintenance, freeing up resources for improving productivity.





Rapidly adapt to changing business objectives and ever-evolving cyber-security challenges.

Today’s power plants are faced with constantly increasing cybersecurity regulations, a need to reduce operating costs, and a desire to use data to extract more benefit out of running assets and tapped-out profitability models. The Control Server is a scaleable platform and key enabler to addressing these needs as part of GE’s Industrial Internet Control System (IICS). Control Server is the most capable Field Agent* platform, enabling intensive optimizing apps like Model-based Optimizing Control (MBOC) to inject performance improvements that deliver greater profitability. Built-in security features reduce attack surface and improve compliance to regulations. Operating and maintenance costs are reduced through consolidation of PC functions provided by virtualization technology on a server-grade platform.

Defense-in-Depth Security

Security and antivirus protection are implemented from a centralized and secured server. Primary and secondary domain VM controllers are included for improved user and password management of the system. A certificate server is included as well to provide a secure connection by enabling secure mode communication with Mark VIe controllers.



Centralized Device Management

Unlike traditional architectures that rely on separate workstations throughout the plant floor, the centralized architecture of GE‘s Control Server allows for managed control of all software and versions. Remotely manage security and software upgrades across your control system.


Increased Reliability & Productivity

Centralized server-based architecture consolidates traditional PC based Workstations into a server class machine that provides simpler lifecycle maintenance and improved security for distributed control systems. High availability options assures reliable uptime for
all functions.