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Drive faster design to delivery with the integration of GE’s manufacturing execution solutions with PTC’s engineering and product lifecycle management technology.

Driving faster designs to delivery

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Lack of Interoperability Curtails Success


Keeping ahead of your competitors and decreasing time to market is daunting with today’s accelerated product lifecycles.  Separate engineering and manufacturing divisions working in silos reduce productivity, increase costs, and cause unrecoverable delays in getting products out the door. 

According to a Gartner report, co-developing product designs and manufacturing processes differentiates manufacturers when launching new products across global markets.*

*Innovation Insight: Manufacturers Need MPM and MBM to Innovate Digitally Enabled Design Through Production, September 30, 2013,  Simon F. Jacobson and Marc Halpern, Gartner

Create/introduce new products in existing markets - 25%. Sell variants of existing products in new markets - 16%. Increase existing product sales in existing markets - 16%.Launch new products in new and existing markets - 42%.

Product growth strategies that impact manufacturing approaches.*

GE and PTC: Working Together, Delivering Value

To close the loop between product design and production execution, GE and PTC have partnered to bring together a solution that helps manufacturers close the loop between product design and production execution on the shop floor. The joint solution will manage a closed loop of product information among engineering, manufacturing production and service.

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Benefits of Connecting PLM and MES


Consistency between as-designed and as-built

Real time visibility among engineering, manufacturing and business system

Shorter product release cycle

Closed-loop changes between design and manufacturing

Best use of each major IT system

Jim Walsh

Jim Walsh, General Manager,
GE Automation & Controls

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When the closed loop process is manual and siloed, you absolutely don’t get 100% of the information back to where it needs to be, either from design down to manufacturing or from manufacturing back to design. You need an integrated system where information flows extremely easily and can be consumed and leveraged by all the constituencies that need it.
ge eliminate These Problems from Your Operations

Eliminate These Problems from Your Operations


An electronics producer makes a critical design change in engineering. Manufacturing misses the change and continues to produce product.  When change is brought to light, millions of dollars of inventory need to be scrapped and reproduced.

A retail company develops a new product to pull ahead of the competition.  Manufacturing receives the newly designed product from engineering, and needs to retool the production floor to fit the design, spending months to retrofit equipment to the new design specifications.

Engineering retools a troubled component and sends the design specifications to the local manufacturing plant.  The same troubled component is also part of a separate product.  The manufacturing plant of this product doesn't receive the design change and continues producing product with the defective component.

Optimize your Manufacturing Performance


Realize the value—from Design to Build—that the integrated GE-PTC solution delivers. Make your product design plans a reality. Derive quality with agility. And increase your competitive edge in today's connected world.

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GE Proficy--PTC Windchill Solution Demonstration

See the benefits of connecting your PLM and MES processes in this demonstration of GE Proficy and PTC Windchill. Connected manufacturing drives faster design to delivery.


Connect your MES and PLM processes


Optimize your Manufacturing Performance


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