BTP-1553 Turnkey Analyzer

MIL-STD-1553 portable analysis system

Avionics BTP-1553 Analyzer

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Hello, hosting. Goodbye, hassle.

BTP-1553 combines a 1553 avionic interface card, a semi-rugged portable computer host and cables for immediate use — with no user hassles around integration issues — in a single, complete turnkey analyzer.

The power of saving hours

Harness the power of GE Intelligent Platforms’ multifunction R15-EC ExpressCard interface for simplified control over simulation, display, data logging, playback and protocol analysis. Quickly monitor and analyze bus traffic and display multiple real-time engineering unit values and user-formatted graphs. Save hours when tracking down elusive system problems.

What’s New

  • Full BC, 31 RT and monitor capability
  • Graphical or ASCII file setup of BC and RT simulations
  • Multiple real-time data displays
  • Log 100% of bus traffic on multiple channels to disk and/or memory
  • Three levels of simultaneous data logging
  • Selective Data Watch™ for multiple parameters
  • ASCII file import/export of Engineering Unit(ICD) definition
  • Major/Minor frame BC simulation
  • Conditional branching on message data
  • RoHS/EPEAT Compliant