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RXi2-XP Industrial PC

The next generation of rugged Industrial Computers is here. High-performance RXi2 IPCs offer new processor choices, increased and faster storage, improved graphics, and enhanced security features.

Industrial Computers
Series 90-30

The Series 90-30 controller has been designated as mature. The PACSystems* RX3i controller is recommended as an alternative.

Programmable Automation Controllers
Series 90-70 PLC Programmable Automation Controllers
Site Field Agent* Automation & Controls
Soluzione di Automazione Integrata PACMotion* VFD

GE’s PACMotion VFD is an integrated, rugged, and modular variable frequency drive designed for a range of applications, including water/wastewater, metro, automotive, mining, food and beverage, packaging, oil and gas, discrete manufacturing and modular machine designs.

Automation & Controls, Programmable Automation Controllers
Unmanaged & Simple Ethernet Switches Automation & Controls
VersaMax I/O

Modular, high-density VersaMax I/O is versatile, compact, and affordable.

Distributed I/O
VersaMax IP

Modular IP67 I/O for harsh environment

Distributed I/O
VersaSafe Machine Safety

VersaSafe is a TUV-certified SIL 3 distributed safety system for critical control in a production environment. VersaSafe combines secure network connectivity, certified safety function blocks, and an easy-to-use graphical programming environment.

Functional & Process Safety
VersaSafe Machine Safety I/O

SIL 3 Machine Safety I/O

Distributed I/O