Accelerator for Weighing Operations

Accelerator for Weighing Operations

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By adding automated operator guidance and complete electronic recordkeeping to your weighing operations, you can realize significant improvements in product quality - and reduce both waste and cycle time - in as little as 30 days! Proficy Accelerator for Weighing Operations provides a fully packaged software solution that delivers Weigh & Dispense functionality in a low-risk, extremely rapid manner to the Food & Beverage, Life Sciences and other industries.

To comply with increasing quality and compliance requirements – and control costs – manufacturers need to reduce waste and cycle time by improving weighing operations.

But, there are many challenges – including variability and risk of human error, inefficient and inaccurate recordkeeping, and complex and changing recipe formulations that often require expert operators, which reduces resource flexibility and necessitates extensive training.

With a focus on operator guidance and equipment control in your weighing operations activities, Proficy Accelerator for Weighing Operations can help you:
  • Automate work processes
  • Embed expert knowledge
  • Enable complete electronic record-keeping
  • Improve product quality
  • Reduce waste and cycle time
  • Increase resource flexibility
And, as with all Proficy Accelerator solutions – you can expect proven results and quick return within as little as 30 days!
Key Capabilities
  • Weigh order creation and dispatching, including automated selection of appropriate weighing equipment based on established certification criteria
  • Operator guidance during weigh and dispense of materials
  • Registration of material lot code and verification of correct material usage
  • Complete weigh and dispense historical data record-keeping, with report file generation for use in label printing, inventory updates, etc
  • Advanced analytics delivered via industry-standard SQL Server Reporting Services
  • Highly intuitive, graphical interface for process mapping and workflow generation
  • Integrated ISA-95 modeling

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