Accelerator Packaging Performance Solution™

Accelerator Packaging Performance Solution™

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A standardized, full-functionality offering that encompasses best practices to drive a performance management paradigm for packaging operations

EnteGreat's Accelerator Packaging Performance SolutionTM combines full-featured software and a rapid engagement model that allows clients to accelerate deployment of a standardized packaging best practices solution that delivers rapid ROI and sustainable operational performance.  The Accelerator Packaging Performance SolutionTM is a powerful, pre-built software and services solution that offers a low-risk, proven approach to dramatically improve packaging performance.  EnteGreat's programmatic approach to packaging performance is based on an Operator-centric performance management paradigm for real-time process tuning and improvement.  This approach makes packaging personnel more effective by providing them with the proper tools, training, and knowledge to do their jobs better - thereby enabling them focus on higher-value activities.

With the Accelerator Packaging Performance SolutionTM, you can fully understand and evaluate the power of EnteGreat's Proficy-based Packaging Performance SolutionTM with minimal up-front cost or risk. The Accelerator Packaging Performance SolutionTM provides:

  • Best practices templates to accelerate the project and resulting business benefits
  • Structured operational practices to drive and sustain packaging performance improvements
  • Real-time visualization of packaging line operations data
  • Dashboards to present metrics and KPIs which measure performance against plan and highlight problems
  • Focused reporting of packaging line performance issues
  • Context-based troubleshooting and root cause analysis of performance problems in an efficient and timely manner

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