Accelerator Packaging Line OEE

Accelerator Packaging Line OEE

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Pre-packaged solution with proprietary algorithms, scoreboards, operator screens, and analytics for improved efficiency, productivity, and profitability.

Increase OEE with pre-built, line-level analytics and views

The Proficy* Accelerator for Packaging Line OEE solution combines GE Intelligent Platforms’ out-of-the-box software and services offering with SlimSoft’s pre-packaged proprietary algorithms— enabling line-level analytics and views to drive OEE for improved productivity, efficiency, and profitability. Adhering to Proficy Plant Applications software standards, this powerful solution leverages preconfigured templates, delivering fast time to solution—measured in days, not months.

As packaging businesses strive for operational excellence to achieve maximum return on investment, Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) is one of the fastest return-on-investment areas. To achieve OEE, businesses need true understanding into line-level performance and root causes, particularly in the case of nuisance faults.