Accelerator Manufacturing Energy Management Solution®

Accelerator Manufacturing Energy Management Solution®

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A proven, pre-configured application which correlates production plans / output with energy consumption to provide comprehensive insights into energy management and cost savings.

The Accelerator Manufacturing Energy Management Solution® is a powerful, pre-built software and services solution developed by EnteGreat that offers a low-risk, proven approach to energy savings within manufacturing.  Providing critical insight into your energy usage, the Accelerator Manufacturing Energy Management Solution® will help you reduce energy costs, improve production planning, identify sources of energy waste, and drive energy management best practices, while correlating energy costs with manufacturing production - enabling you to achieve a competitive advantage through operational excellence, sustainability, and energy cost savings.

Energy costs are rising and greenhouse gas emissions reporting requirements are evolving.  Most manufacturing companies have not factored energy consumption into their planning or execution decision processes because they don't have the right data in the right context.  Timely visibility to energy consumption at the local level (by manufacturing area, equipment, and product) does not exist.  EnteGreat's Accelerator Manufacturing Energy Management Solution® provides:

  • Manufacturing context (product, batch, lot, equipment) to energy usage
  • Real-time visualization of contextualized energy information which enables manufacturing personnel to optimize planning and execution decisions
  • Integration of Manufacturing Energy Management into Operational Excellence programs
  • Timely and accurate energy consumption data for performance management reporting and analysis

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