Accelerator for Change Management

Accelerator for Change Management

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Accelerator for Change Management is a fully packaged solution based on Proficy Change Management that delivers change control functionality in a low-risk, extremely rapid manner. 

Accelerator for Proficy Change Management combines our full-featured software and an accelerated engagement model that allows you to rapidly automate and improve change management processes.  Key capabilities include: 

  • Version Control ensures that only one person at a time is making changes and archives the versions for reuse 
  • Security enables you to monitor and control access - reducing the quantity and severity of potential errors
  • Audit Trails and Reports allow you to track what has been happening with programs and devices in your plant
  • Automated Scheduling, Notification and Reporting allows integrity checks on what is happening on a regularly scheduled basis
  • Configurable interface for project organization  - reducing training time and reducing likelihood of user error
  • Extensive Product Support pre-configured to support a variety of commonly used industrial software and devices.