Accelerator for Centerlining

Accelerator for Centerlining

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Proficy Accelerator for Centerlining helps you keep the process more stable and running within your desired operating ranges.  It provides for collecting data variables about the process and quality results, automatically and manually, while monitoring conformance to product-specific targets and limits and fluctuation within statistical rules. Data can be collected in time intervals or with respect to events in contexts relevant to the business.  With analysis tools to help determine the normal capabilities of the processes, targets and limits for each product or operating mode can be easily established and adjusted in a secure environment for each product or operating mode. Alarms are easily configured with statistical rules to detect and log resulting alarm conditions, and to alert the appropriate personnel via pop-up alarms, indicators on electronic logsheets, and/or automated emails.  Centerlining helps you manage by exception so you can do more with less.

Proficy Accelerator is a rapid-deployment, best-practices pilot program to help new customers experience the capabilities of Proficy as it was intended, as it has evolved, with functionality influenced by some of the worlds' best manufacturing companies. Proficy automates and integrates the informational aspects of manufacturing from set-up and execution, to data logging, tracking, analysis, reporting, and optimization.   Proficy Accelerator is intended to help you discover and leverage the value of what is already in-the-box and avoid reinvention.  This approach offers minimal cost with minimal risk, since you basically pay a small amount for the installation services, and then after 30 days, decide whether to return it or keep it and pay for just the scope of your pilot.  At the very least, you get an inexpensive optimization work-out that is likely to have significant performance benefit to your operation, by revealing aspects of your operation that have been invisible, due to the lack of accessible operational intelligence about your manufacturing processes.  If you decide to keep Proficy and expand it to the rest of your operation, the Proficy Accelerator experience helps assure a best-practice roll-out deployment, and fullest use of the value of the software.