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Smart Connected Operations
NIC1 Network Interface Card Ethernet Network Interface Cards XMC
RAR-XMC Interface ARINC Protocols XMC
PACSystems* RX3i Genius* Communications Gateway Programmable Automation Controllers
RXi 15” Monitor Panel PCs & Monitors
Series 90-70 PLC Programmable Automation Controllers
mCOM10-K1 Mini COM Express COM Express, Graphics & Video Boards COM Express mini, Type 10 NVIDIA Tegra K1 SoC Level 1-3 Air Cooled
bCOM6-L1700 Rugged COM Express Module COM Express COM Express Basic, Type 6 2nd Gen. AMD R-Series APU Air cooled rugged, Conduction cooled rugged, Conformal Coating
Dream Report for Proficy HMI/SCADA Software
ControlST Software Control Software
Migration Services Programmable Automation Controllers
GlobalCare Support
Professional Services Data & Analytics
DAQMAG2A Rugged Display Computer Rugged Display Computers, Application-ready COTS Systems, Advanced Vehicle Computers 3U Boxed, VPX 3U 2nd Gen. Intel Core i7, 3rd Gen. Intel Core i7 Level 4-5 Conduction Cooled
VersaMax* Controllers Programmable Automation Controllers
Proficy Plant Applications Manufacturing Software
Mark VIe

The Mark VIe Distributed Control System is a flexible platform for multiple applications. It simplifies operations and reduces risk and costs while providing excellent performance and reliability.

SBC314 Single Board Computer Power Architecture SBCs VPX 3U Freescale QorIQ T2081 @ 1.8 GHz / T1042 @ 1.4 GHz Level 1-5 Air, Conduction Cooled
AVC-cPCI 3005 Advanced Vehicle Computer

Provides a rugged yet highly flexible COTS computing platform suited for a wide variety of avionic, vetronic and navtronic applications requiring rock-solid reliability.

Advanced Vehicle Computers cPCI 3U
ADEPT4000 Automatic Video Tracker

Reduce SWaP, improve endurance with HD digital tracker offering simultaneous tracking and stabilization

Target Tracking Miniature

Starter chassis provides flexible and cost-effective platform supporting GE and 3rd party 6U OpenVPX for system development and integration

Development Systems and Chassis OpenVPX 6U Lab Grade
NIC10GFT Network Interface Card

Dual port XMC network interface card with dual 10GBase-T ports supporting applications that require 10GbE network performance

Ethernet Network Interface Cards XMC

Develop and field-test the software development and integration of VPX board level modules with VPX development chassi

Development Systems and Chassis VPX 3U Level 1 Std. Air Cooled

Escalate performance with an Intel Core i7-based SBC sporting 32 GB DDR3 SDRAM and multiple PCIe fabric configuration

Intel Architecture SBCs VPX 6U 4th Gen. Intel Core i7 quad-core up to 2.4 GHz Level 1-5 Air, Conduction Cooled
SBC346 3U OpenVPX Single Board Computer

Upgrade processing speed with a rugged 3U OpenVPX SBC featuring 4th Generation Intel Core i7 (‘Haswell’) technology

Intel Architecture SBCs VPX 3U 4th Gen. Intel Core i7 quad-core up to 2.4 GHz Level 1-5 Air, Conduction Cooled