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PACSystems* RX7i Controller

The PACSystems* RX7i controller is nearing the end of its life-cycle. The PACSystems* RX3i controller is recommended as an alternative.

Programmable Automation Controllers
PAC8000 SafetyNet

PAC8000 SafetyNet is specifically designed for the process industry. It can be used alone in SIL 2 ESD or Fire & Gas applications.

Functional & Process Safety
VersaSafe Machine Safety

VersaSafe is a TUV-certified SIL 3 distributed safety system for critical control in a production environment. VersaSafe combines secure network connectivity, certified safety function blocks, and an easy-to-use graphical programming environment.

Functional & Process Safety

GMR offers unique flexibility in the way controllers and distributed I/O blocks can be arranged to provide a variety of options for safe and availability. Controllers and input modules can be simplex, duplex or triplex and outputs can be arranged in I, T or H configurations. It shares the same robust environmental performance as Genius I/O.

Functional & Process Safety
Machine Edition

Universal development environment for operator interface, motion and control applications increases productivity and performance and reduces programming, configuration, commissioning, monitoring, and maintenance costs.

Control Software
Proficy Process Systems

GE’s state-of-the-art, scalable, fully integrated system leverages the latest hardware and software technologies for complete process control and automation.

Control Software
Mark* VIeS Safety Management System

The SIL3, fault-tolerant Mark* VIeS Safety Management System is a proven, reliable, and robust solution with built-in cyber security for plant emergency shutdown, burner management, and fire and gas-critical control applications.

Functional & Process Safety
RXi Industrial PC

The RXi industrial computing platform delivers compact, rugged, high-performance computing capabilities.

Industrial Computers
QuickPanel View

Operator interface for machine OEMs and industrial application

Operator Interfaces

QuickPanel+ is the multi-functional interface for the Industrial Internet. It integrates process control, view, and an option to run embedded data historian to improve real-time control and simplify integration into plant-wide systems.

Operator Interfaces
Proficy Historian Industrial PC

This simplified data management solution that combines Proficy Historian software with a powerful, rugged RXi IPC-XP industrial computer.

Industrial Computers
RXi2-EP Industrial PC

The next generation of rugged Industrial Computers is here. High-performance RXi2 IPCs offer new processor choices, increased and faster storage, improved graphics, and enhanced security features.

Industrial Computers
PACSystems* RX3i 330 CPU

Providing the foundation for Industrial Internet connectivity, the RX3i is a high performance, high availability controller for process or discrete applications.

Programmable Automation Controllers
Proficy for Utilities - Water Operations
Proficy for Water InfoCenter Solution Pack
Intelligent Control Room Management for Oil and Gas
Accelerator for Centerlining
NETernity™ CP921RC-30x

A fully managed Layer 2/3+ Ethernet switch supporting IPv6 switching and routing with extensive switch management capabilities.

Proficy Pulse Powerful visualization and analytics for your operations
Proficy Webspace

Speed response with real-time HMI/SCADA data and control over your iOS, Android device or browser with Proficy Webspace

HMI/SCADA Software
Accelerator for Change Management
Accelerator for Weighing Operations
Accelerator for Production Efficiency
Accelerator Manufacturing Energy Management Solution®
Accelerator Packaging Performance Solution™