Policy Designer

Policy Designer

The objective of Policy Designer is to develop and execute strategies based upon historical data and dynamic data obtained by monitoring conditions in real time. Using Policy Designer, policies can be defined that:

  • Retrieve information about current conditions.
  • Allow identification of emerging trends in equipment performance.
  • Apply some logic to that data based on historical trends.
  • Initiate actions that will mitigate future risk.


Before You Begin

You will need the following:



These steps are intended to walk you through the process. Please refer to the help section in your APM tenant for more information and instructions.

For e-mail alerts, configure e-mail notification settings before creating a policy.


Configuring Email notification

  1. Log in to APM.
  2. On the left navigation column, select “Admin” > “Operations Manager”.
  3. Click on “Email Settings”.
  4. Fill out the fields:
  5. Click on “Test Settings”, fill out your email address, subject and message and click “Send”. Ensure that you receive an email with the same email address.
  6. Click on the save button.

Creating a policy with Policy Designer

More detailed information and instructions can be found on the help section of your APM tenant.

  1. On the left navigation column, select “Tools” > “Policy Designer”.
  2. Create new policy.
  3. Build a policy model.
  4. Create policy instances.
  5. Run the validation process.
  6. Define execution settings.
  7. Activate the policy.


Here is a sample policy instance where the average of the volts is calculated from the volts tag data collected over a span of 7 days and emailed to users:

Policy Designer Sample

Policy Designer Sample


Next Steps

If you configured your email, depending on the schedule, you should be receiving emails if your condition is met with the format that you configured in the policy.



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