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Automation helps uncover the true potential of every machine

Your machines create millions of data points every day. GE is here to help you uncover the true potential of every machine, and every point of data. With GE’s automation, OEM customers can differentiate their products, drive new levels of performance, and expand their service offerings and market presence. Design better. Operate smarter. Redefine customer experience for your business.

Control systems are integral to your machines and your business. GE helps OEM customers realize the full potential of automation technology for their business.

GE leverages expertise in embedded electronics, process control and software to help today’s OEMs harness every benefit of the Industrial Internet—making powerful connections between people, data and machines.

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How we do it

GE is committed to helping OEMs achieve optimal performance and connectivity at every layer of the automation architecture, to maximize what every control system can deliver.

Real-time Operational

Harness the technological transformation creating the Industrial Internet — elastic computing power, ubiquitous connectivity and the cloud to collect, analyze and manage data—anywhere, anytime. Leverage remote monitoring and data to improve profitability by increasing asset performance, enhancing the customer experience and creating new service models.

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Power at the
point of control

It starts at the device level. Powerful, rugged, compact controllers; industrial PCs; and operator interfaces incorporate capabilities in a single device that were unthinkable a few years ago. Multicore processors and plenty of memory and storage mean we are integrating GE software and hardware to give you more intelligence at the equipment.

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As new controllers join the network, they seek and map to each other automatically, using a directory service via a secure gateway. The machines’ ability to communicate relevant information directly to one another provides for seamless and resilient connectivity that reduces your human resource requirement.


Our full line of I/O serves a broad range of applications. We’ve standardized our products—from controllers down to I/O—on PROFINET, the leading industrial Ethernet protocol. This high-speed, open standard makes it easy for you to mix and match any form of I/O, retrofit as needed with minimal downtime, and incorporate third-party products. It’s scalability without the complexity.

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OEM Connect Program

Your advantage

Switching automation partners is a big decision. That’s why OEM Connect comes with full support and exclusive expertise from GE experts who’ve worked with countless companies in your industry—to make the transition as easy as possible for you.

Working with GE

Realize greater performance from your machines with automation from GE. Design better, operate smarter and drive new revenue streams. Make our automation architecture your competitive advantage from day one. GE works with you in the following areas:

  • Network design—Work closely with GE experts to design secure communication to connected machines.
  • Proof-of-concept controls—Realize your design vision faster. Work with GE controls equipment as you develop your next generation of product.
  • Application development & training—Accelerate your learning curve with GE training. Modular programming and reusable code libraries speed development.
  • Application & fleet management—Access controls applications and manage deployed systems from our cloud-based platform with free access—anytime, anywhere.
  • Custom online presence—Build private-label Web portals on GE’s cloud-based platform. Reflect the look and feel you want when collaborating with customers in maintaining or monitoring systems.

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Work with your GE representative to determine:

  • The scope of conversion services needed to accelerate the implementation of GE-based control systems
  • A written proposal outlining services, products and associated pricing

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OEM EDGE Program

Join OEM Edge to tap directly into GE’s expertise, technology and smart connectivity. Attract new customers. Expand your existing base. And gain exclusive insight through customized tools, including:

  • Conversion services
  • Proof-of-concept hardware
  • Development software kits
  • Consulting
  • Training
  • Product support
  • Application library
  • Third-party device integration