Proficy® SmartStart Packaging Performance Solution™ Improves Packaging Performance In As Little As 30 Days

A powerful, pre-built solution from GE Intelligent Platforms and EnteGreat utilizes operator-centric performance management paradigm


CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA DECEMBER 21, 2009    GE Intelligent Platforms today announced the availability of the Proficy® SmartStart Packaging Performance Solution, a pre-built software and services solution that offers a low-risk, proven approach to packaging performance. The solution helps customers improve Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), production rate, availability, and order fulfillment while reducing waste and labor costs by providing critical insight into high-speed packaging line operations. When fully implemented, customers have seen OEE increases on packaging lines of between 5% and 12% over time.
The package is part of a suite of GE Intelligent Platforms’ SmartStart solutions designed to enable business results in as little as 30 days with minimal risk by packaging our full-featured software, a proprietary rapid-engagement methodology, high-impact best practices and application templates, with the right delivery and domain expertise to ensure results.
“Packaging operations are under intense pressure to achieve production and quality objectives while reducing costs, adapting to rapidly changing schedules, maximizing asset utilization, and continually improving overall performance,” said Sheila Kester, General Manager, Operations Management Software for GE Intelligent Platforms. “Troubleshooting, analysis, and root-cause-level correction of packaging performance problems within packaging environments are extremely challenging. This SmartStart solution is built to address those critical issues in an accelerated manner. ”
The SmartStart Packaging Performance Solution, developed by GE Intelligent Platforms Premier Solution Provider EnteGreat of Birmingham, Alabama and Mississauga, Ontario, is a value-added application of Proficy software components that can be rapidly deployed to help operators quickly identify root causes of stoppages and quality issues. Engineers and maintenance technicians can use the system to gain comprehensive insights into the packaging performance at each manufacturing site within an enterprise.
EnteGreat has combined the power of GE’s Proficy software with its deep understanding of production efficiency management to deliver the Packaging Performance Solution. The package provides:
  • Pre-built displays that operating teams will use during shift hand-over meetings to ensure the incoming team gets the facts quickly and understands what is currently causing the most problems, sees how the line is trending – and enables them to get onto fixing current problems.
  • Real-time visualization of packaging line operations data, including tracking of downtime and waste – highlighting exceptions and the areas where performance is below par – with a ‘path to action’ that the teams can follow to identify root cause quickly and directly
  • Tracking of team performance aimed at motivating the teams to meet their targets whether it is during the shift or even year to date.
  • Focused reporting and intuitive, user-friendly interface – so the system can be used when the line is stopped and answers are needed now.
“Packaging Performance is a prime target for most manufacturers because it is so critical to their overall business performance,” said Noel Peberdy, President of EnteGreat. “Packaging is typically responsible for a large percentage of the manufacturing cost, and any hiccups in packaging can quickly impact customers.
“Order fulfillment and supply chain responsiveness are dependent on reliable, efficient, high performance packaging operations,” continued Peberdy. “This is particularly challenging on high-speed lines. When a line is down, every minute that ticks by is lost production. Operators don’t have time to fiddle around, trying to figure out what the root cause of downtime is. We have worked with large and small manufacturers on literally hundreds of packaging lines to develop the processes and systems to maximize up time – and to support continuous improvement initiatives that improve OEE and sustain higher levels – even as SKU complexity increases, line changeovers increase in frequency - and as more experienced operators retire.”
The Packaging Performance Solution enables our customers to accelerate improvements in packaging performance. SmartStart offerings capitalize on the extensive application expertise of GE Intelligent Platforms’ solutions ecosystem and the structured evaluation period to improve time-to-value and reduce total cost of ownership for our customers. They also offer scalability and extensibility by establishing a foundation that enables rapid expansion to other production lines and/or additional Operations Management functionality.
About EnteGreat, Inc.
EnteGreat is a manufacturing consulting and systems integration company, serving Fortune 500 as well as mid-market manufacturers.  EnteGreat has a singular mission: to help manufacturing companies succeed.  As a GE Premier Solution Provider, EnteGreat has been collaborating with GE Intelligent Platforms to deliver Proficy-based solutions to our clients since 2000.  EnteGreat’s technical expertise with the GE’s Proficy products is complemented by its lean / process re-engineering, energy management, and enterprise integration skills as well as focused change management and knowledge transfer capabilities.  These skills and capabilities enable EnteGreat’s clients to accelerate their return on investment and achieve sustainable business process improvements. For more information, visit
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