Developers To Harness Power Of New Intel® Processors, Reduce Time To Market With GE’s AXISLib-x86

Optimized DSP and vector math libraries enhance productivity and minimize risk


CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA July 1, 2010 GE Intelligent Platforms today announced the AXISLib-X86 Advanced Multiprocessor Integrated Software module.   A powerful suite of optimized signal processing and vector math libraries, it is designed to maximize productivity, reduce development cost, speed time to market and minimize program risk for customers working with GE’s latest hardware platforms based on the Intel® architecture.
The innovative technologies at the heart of AXISLib-X86 can deliver a sustainable competitive advantage to prime contractors, OEMs and systems integrators using it to develop demanding applications including sensor- and signal processing, radar, sonar, image processing and signals intelligence for air-, land- and sea-based deployment. Customers can deploy AXISLib VSIPL and RSPL API libraries on the full range of GE single board computers and multiprocessors based on Freescale™’s Power Architecture™ and Intel® multicore processors.
“Powerful, reliable, flexible hardware platforms are vital in the development and deployment of sophisticated embedded computing applications – but they are only part of the story,” said Michael Stern, Product Manager at GE Intelligent Platforms. “AXISLib-X86 enables customers to rapidly and cost-effectively harness the potential of the latest Intel architecture platforms, creating efficient DSP applications for rugged, deployed mission computing.”
AXISLib is one of the three primary elements of GE’s AXIS Advanced Multiprocessor Integrated Software development environment. The other two key elements are AXISView, an integrated graphical user interface providing task level programming for algorithm development and system visualization, and AXISFlow, which provides a high performance interprocessor communication library for high throughput, low latency data movement across multiple fabrics scaling from one to many CPU nodes across a single board, multiple boards in a single chassis and multiple system chassis. A trial version of AXIS can be downloaded here.
AXISLib-X86, which is optimized for the Intel SSE SIMD engine and which supports multicore and multithreaded symmetrical multiprocessing (SMP) in order to extract the maximum possible performance from current and future Intel-based single board computers, is a set of signal -and vector processing libraries providing over 600 high performance digital signal processing and vector mathematical functions. It is designed to support the most advanced real-time embedded signal processing applications and can operate in a standalone mode or as an integral software module within the AXIS Advanced Multiprocessor Integrated Software environment.
AXISLib-X86 also features standard APIs for code portability, providing not only support for current platforms but also for future technology upgrades. Libraries are provided for development mode with error checking, and for production mode for maximum performance.
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