Software Defined Radio, Signals Intelligence, Tactical Communications And Radar Applications To Benefit From New GE FPGA Boards

GE Intelligent Platforms to launch new sensor processing products featuring Xilinx® high-performance, low power-consuming Virtex™-6 and Virtex-7 FPGAs, announces ‘early adopter program’

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA    July 29 2010 GE Intelligent Platforms today announced that it will soon launch a range of digital receiver, digital transceiver and FPGA processor products based on the Virtex™-6 FPGA family from Xilinx®.   It is planned that these will be followed by new products based on Xilinx’s 7 series devices including the Virtex-7 family. These new platforms will provide the leading edge processing performance and advanced technology required by processing applications such as software defined radio, signals intelligence, tactical communications and radar.

As significant interest has already been shown in the potential of solutions based on these new Xilinx devices, GE Intelligent Platforms has concurrently announced an ‘early adopter program’ to allow companies and organizations to obtain early access to and information about (under Non-Disclosure Agreement) the company’s plans for these new products. More information can be found at .
“FPGA technology is at the heart of the most demanding military applications, and customers continue to push its boundaries,” said Jon Jones, Technology Leader, Sensor Processing at GE Intelligent Platforms. “They are looking for more raw processing performance, greater capacity, higher speed I/O and lower power consumption – and these latest-generation devices from Xilinx will allow us to respond to those requirements. Combining advanced FPGA technology with GE’s expertise in developing compelling sensor processing solutions will allow those customers to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage.”
The recently-announced Virtex-7 family is fabricated using a 28nm high-performance/low-power manufacturing process, allowing it to consume 50% less power compared to the Virtex-6 family while delivering high performance. Both device families offer users greater programming capacity and the higher frequency I/O that allows support of the latest high speed serial interfaces including up to Gen3 PCI Express®. The ISE Design Suite development tool set available from Xilinx allows improved reliability in design simulation and synthesis, shortening the time to market and reducing program risk. 
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