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Leveraging Certified Support Providers
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process. They can help determine if the problem is specific to your application and installation or if it is a GE Fanuc product issue, and they have an immediate escalation path to our Product Line Support team. CSPs also have complete web-based access into the support database to search for related customer issues and to look at current and past issues, and open new support requests on your behalf.

There are over 90 CSPs worldwide in countries like Brazil, Argentina, Russia, Poland, Italy, Hungary, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Netherlands, Austria, Israel, India, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, and the United States. The local proximity of these support providers is an added plus, as they are often in or near your time zone and can speak your local language, which makes access to technical support easier and more convenient.

Working through your local representative or distributor is usually the most efficient way to resolve your issue; however, if you need to contact GE Fanuc directly, you can submit a case online at You will need to attach all related files, including project configurations, screen shots and error codes, to ensure the support team has all the required information needed to accelerate the resolution process.

As always, we are committed to resolving your support needs effectively and efficiently through GlobalCare, and we look forward to continually helping you realize the highest possible value from our products.

Tina TaylorAt GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms, we know that the quality of our support is just as important as the quality of the products we deliver. As a GlobalCare member, you have access to a wide range of high quality support services, tools and channels to efficiently answer your questions and resolve your issues. One such channel available to you is to contact your local GE Fanuc Certified Support Provider (CSP).

When you have a product issue, we encourage you to first check the product documentation and utilize the knowledge base and other self-help tools available at Your next step should be to call your local channel representative, application developer, or systems integrator for initial call resolution. Many of our partners have dedicated technical support personnel on staff who have been trained and tested on our products, and hold the distinguished title of being a CSP.

The CSP program is an individual certification program that allows our qualified channel partners to have a higher level of access to key GE Fanuc support personnel and tools. They have in-depth expertise on our solutions and must pass exams to become certified on specific products like iFIX, CIMPLICITY, Plant Applications, Machine Edition, Portal, Historian, Batch, and our hardware line of PLCs.

Utilizing CSPs as your first step can reduce your time to solution, greatly improving your satisfaction with the

Product News
Proficy DataMart
Announcing Proficy DataMart Enterprise Software
Taking the already powerful reporting and analysis capabilities of Proficy Plant Applications to new levels, DataMart provides a single, unifying view into operational performance - reducing the cost and complexity of developing sophisticated ad-hoc reports and analyses.
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Vertical Solutions
iFIX 4.5 & 5.0 Water Solutions Pack Now Available
Water Solutions Pack 2008 Now Available
This new vertical solution contains industry-specific dynamos, advanced pre-scripted objects, discover and auto configuration tools, integrated dynamos to view OPS SQL reports and biometric/electronic signature options. The pack is designed to help utilities reduce costs, improve quality and secure operations.
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Product News
GlobalCare Support Site Updates
Additions to the Support Site
You can now access all Proficy Plant Applications web content through the GlobalCare support site. Quickly find out about product alerts and easily download the latest HotFixes and Service Packs.
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eForum: Frequently Asked Questions spacer E-FORUM

Frequently Asked Questions

The GE Fanuc e-Forum gives our GlobalCare customers an opportunity to exchange information about GE Fanuc products. Take a peek at what you've been missing:
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Be Aware of Known Technical Security Vulnerabilities

Did you know... the number one article used last quarter was KB9920, which was read 355 times in Q3! It provides information on product compatibility with critical Microsoft® security patches, and it's updated every month for our customers using HMI/SCADA iFIX, CIMPLICITY PE, Tracker, Historian, Portal, Plant Applications, Machine Edition, and Change Management, Batch Execution, Shop Floor SPC, and Open Process.


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