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GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms: At Your Service

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At Your Service Newsletter for GlobalCare Customers Only
Top Five Ways GlobalCare Delivers a Competitive Advantage
  response within 15 minutes, and should the problem meet critical criteria, we work around the clock until the situation is stabilized or resolved.


High-quality support with in-depth product expertise.
GlobalCare members can rely on a high level of direct support from local certified channel partners as well as through our experienced technical specialists at GE Fanuc. Our technical support team consists of highly trained professionals with an extensive range of industry experience. Many are Microsoft® certified software engineers with engineering or computer science degrees who receive continual training and certifications to provide you with the latest expertise. With in-depth product know-how and a strong commitment to customer success, GlobalCare specialists are here to help you maximize the benefits of your investment.


Reduced time to solution with fast online case management.
Only GlobalCare members can leverage GE’s Online Case Management tool for fast issue resolution. It is an excellent alternative to traditional phone or email contact and offers the following advantages:
  • Streamlines support case creation
  • Quickly provides troubleshooting information to our experts
  • Enables you to easily monitor your case status

With Online Case Management, you have an efficient, convenient and effective way to address all support issues.


Significant cost savings with free software upgrades and service packs.
With GlobalCare Support, you can leverage significant benefits that can help your business save money and become more competitive, including:
  • The ability to keep current with an upgrade path to new product functionality, increasing the value of your GE Fanuc software investment
  • Quick access to posted fixes and service packs at no additional cost
  • Product upgrades at a price that offers a 60% savings over the purchase of software version upgrades
GlobalCare—A smart advantage for your business
Current members will receive a renewal notification approximately 30 to 90 days before expiration of their service program. To inquire about or renew a GlobalCare contract, contact your local representative or GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms Membership Services toll free at 1-800-GE FANUC (North America only) or (434) 978-5100, and ask to speak with a GlobalCare Inside Sales Representative.

Tina TaylorIn today's very tough economic environment, your business faces the challenge to do more with less, while maintaining a competitive advantage in your market. You cannot afford the additional, unexpected costs and delays that may arise from technical problems—or even worse, the inability to conduct business—especially if those issues cannot be resolved quickly.

That's why it's most critical to have fast, reliable technical support through GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms' GlobalCare Support. GlobalCare optimizes your GE software investment and enables safe, reliable and continuous operations while reducing overall costs—giving you an edge over your competitors.

We resolve over 70% of technical support problems within 24 hours, and our consistently high customer-satisfaction ratings reflect the significant value of our first-class quality support, expertise from certified staff, proven tools and state-of-the-art product updates. We stand behind our commitment to support your enterprise so you can focus on your core business.

Here's a look at the Top Five Ways GlobalCare can help your business gain a competitive advantage in 2009:

Increased productivity with a wealth of online knowledge.
As a GlobalCare member, you have exclusive access to a wealth of web-based resources available at, our award-winning support web site. It offers useful self-service tools, including repositories for knowledge base, best practices how-to documentation and downloads; an active user forum; and a natural language search engine with content ratings and product filters.

For example, the Downloads section of our site provides you with industry-proven tools that can significantly cut your development time and effort. You can also gain knowledge by participating in secure online discussions with other GE Fanuc product users from around the globe—quickly finding out answers to common issues and sharing product insights based on real-world environments.


Fast, effective response during a system down situation.
Imagine that your line goes down or your system stops working after business hours and you do not have fast access to a knowledgeable support expert. GlobalCare members can be assured that in this type of emergency, they will receive quick and easy access to technical experts who can address their issues to get them operational again as fast as possible. Off-hours emergency cases receive a
Service Packs
Proficy Plant Applications Service Pack
Proficy Plant Applications Service Pack
The new Plant Applications v4.4 Service Pack 1 (v4.4.1) includes updates to the Purge Utility, Web Apps Report and current National Language Support (NLS) translations. It also provides updated documentation with recommended configuration settings and performance guidelines for web reports and web parts.
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Developer Downloads
Applied Solutions Developer Downloads
Applied Solutions Developer Downloads
Reduce your development costs and save time with GE Fanuc Applied Solutions. Solutions range from Sequence of Event Recording in PACSystems to a thin client Manual Data Entry for Plant Applications — proven tools that provide you with a quick jump-start on your development.
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Web Support
GlobalCare Support Site Updates
Work Smarter: Use Web Support
When you need technical support beyond your local channel representative, instead of calling GlobalCare, the fastest and most effective way to get your issue resolved is to leverage web support through GlobalCare's Online Case Management. It's extremely timely, advancing your time to solution by as much as 30% in some areas.
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eForum: Frequently Asked Questions      E-FORUM

Frequently Asked Questions

The GE Fanuc e-Forum gives our GlobalCare customers an opportunity to exchange information about GE Fanuc products. Take a peek at what you've been missing:
Member Product Questions
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FJB iFIX Help Error "mbe stsr cocreated instance failed"
ALEXHV PACSystems Ethernet Communication with PLCs or PACSys
Wulfgar Logic Developer PLC - Machine Edition Basic ladder shortcut keys for fast editing
Smulhamstern FIX32 Sending values database to database
Schwenke 90-70 Products MegaBasic Software Needed
svarney Historian Classic and New Historian
watchara.m VersaMax Loss of i/0 IC200ALG620
otaco Real-Time Information Portal RTIP 3.0. hangs on default.asp

Zafar KamalGlobalCare Product Management

We are pleased to announce Zafar Kamal as General Manager of Support Services for GE Fanuc’s software and services business. Based in Charlottesville, Va., Zafar brings extensive leadership experience in management, design and delivery of technical and business solutions for manufacturing automation. Under Zafar’s leadership, we will continue to drive customer value across all support channels to ensure GlobalCare delivers the highest level of service.