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At Your Service Newsletter for GlobalCare Customers Only
Q&A With Zafar Kamal

as products evolve. Furthermore, customers typically operate mission-critical applications built on top of our products; as a result, these applications not only run production or processing facilities, but they also have a direct relationship to safety, environmental compliance, customer demands, sustainability and other factors. Changes in applications or operating platforms can result in inadvertent changes in configuration, setup or other parameters, and GlobalCare customers have ready access to expert technical support to help them address these changes without the unexpected costs or delays that non-subscribers may face, which can pose significant business risks.

Q. Regarding the advantage of viable software solutions, how does GlobalCare provide customers with a sustainable competitive advantage?

A. GlobalCare performs a critical role in supporting our customers and solution partners to quickly adapt to changing market and operational environments by providing a layer of tactical support and long-term technical and functional viability via continuous product and practice enhancements. Particularly, as customers or their solution partners update applications, they may need answers to questions or come up against an unfamiliar issue. With our expert staff, knowledge bases, reusable libraries and other accessible resources, customers can cross these hurdles faster and more cost-effectively for a sustainable advantage.

Q. Are there any ongoing process improvement initiatives GlobalCare customers can look forward to in the near future?

A. We believe in continuous process improvements across our business to enable the best customer experience. For example, based on customer feedback, we further enhanced our web-based issue reporting and monitoring process to help you address the most frequently asked questions by product line. This enhancement is in addition to the convenient capability to log cases online and monitor your resolution process without having to call—saving you time and speeding up your case. And we are about to launch an enhancement to deliver even faster time to value, whereby our customer service reps will have increased visibility into your use of our products within end-user systems/applications when you call for support. These are just a few examples of how we’re driving improvements to deliver better, faster service to meet your needs.

Q. What actions can customers take to get the most out of their GlobalCare membership?

A. Customers who sign up for GlobalCare often make a commitment to GE’s products beyond their need for technical support and software upgrades. By becoming active participants in our user forums and communicating and sharing your product knowledge and experience, you can influence our product development to improve your own manufacturing and processing capabilities.

And you can optimize your software by tapping into our online knowledge base, which provides access to best practices documentation, productivity tools, templates, knowledge sharing forums and more. We encourage you to contribute to the online resources and leverage the collective knowledge of our strong installed base, so we can serve you better every day with the best possible products, support and expertise.

Tina TaylorFaced with the current global economic downturn, companies everywhere are seeking to get more out of their existing technology assets and to avoid additional capital expenditures. We understand your critical need to optimize performance, and that’s why it’s more imperative than before to leverage strong, value-added technical support provided by GlobalCare.

Your GlobalCare membership enables a powerful, competitive advantage by maximizing the value of your investments and enabling increased uptime and productivity and reduced costs. Unlike non-members, you can leverage ready access to expert technical support from anywhere at anytime, priority for issue resolution, and a wealth of online resources, including best practices documentation, productivity tools, templates, knowledge sharing forums and more.

In a recent interview, Zafar Kamal, General Manager of Support Services at GE Fanuc, discussed how GlobalCare effectively meets the increasingly critical need for flexible, on-demand support and some important ways you can get the most out of your membership.

Q. In these challenging economic times, as companies’ assets are pushed harder to cut back on expenses, what is the value for customers to maintain their GlobalCare subscription?

A. Just as consumers in today’s tough economic environment are trying to squeeze a few extra years from the cars they own to defer spending, GE Fanuc’s customers are pushing the life of their existing capital assets such as production and processing equipment and facilities to get more processing time without having to replace these assets with newer ones. In these situations, our software products and support for these solutions play an even more critical role in helping to optimize performance and monitor and maintain safe operating conditions. Our installed systems, solutions and support together help businesses uncover hidden capacity, increase efficiency and reduce costs—a critical necessity for operational viability versus a “nice to have” capital request.

Q. Provided the increasing demand for faster, value-added technical support from anywhere at anytime, how does GlobalCare meet this need?

A. As a global organization with a comprehensive portfolio of manufacturing and processing solutions, we provide 24x7 support for critical problems related to our products and applications, and flexible web-based issue logging/monitoring capabilities. Our capabilities get extended via enhanced communications and seamless back-office integration. In addition to developing application and solution expertise, GlobalCare is continually improving our regional capabilities directly or via partners with experts at our various global locations, so no matter where you are, you can leverage our strong local presence.

Q. What kinds of risks or disadvantages may customers face without GlobalCare?

A. Customers without GlobalCare have no ability to receive help outside of one free incident per year, and they cannot access the online knowledge database, which features product resources that can be extremely helpful, especially

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Operations Management
Proficy Workflow
Proficy Workflow Now Available
Learn how the latest software from GE Fanuc can decrease your costs with capabilities such as Electronic Work Instructions, Corrective Action and Quality Hold Management. Proficy Workflow seamlessly integrates with other GE Fanuc software to increase situation awareness and drive actions to reduce waste and improve productivity.
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The latest release of Proficy HMI/SCADA - CIMPLICITY includes a powerful graphics engine, dynamic time handling and digital graphical replay (DGR) 2.0 — delivering a new user experience and providing the power and security to precisely monitor and control every aspect of your environment, equipment and resources. The results: faster responsiveness, reduced costs and positive operational impact.
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iFIX WebSpace
Announcing iFIX WebSpace
iFIX WebSpace delivers full iFIX HMI/SCADA screens and functionality seamlessly into an Internet Explorer or Firefox web browser. iFIX WebSpace screens are ported instantly from the iFIX application, requiring no interaction, conversion, alteration or additional development (including screens from prior versions of iFIX/FIX32).
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Service Packs, Utilities, Upgrades and more!

Visit the the GlobalCare Support Site today to see what new SIMs, Service Packs, Firmware and Utilities have been released or go to the Software Version Upgrade Request page to register to receive your free upgrades today.
Date Type Product
Coming Soon! Service Pack Proficy Real-Time Information Portal v3.0 SP 1
03/2009 Upgrade Proficy HMI/SCADA - CIMPLICITY 8.0 Upgrade
03/19/2009 SIM/Service Pack List Proficy HMI/SCADA - iFIX v5.0
03/12/2009 Firmware PACSystems RX3i CPU Upgrade Kit (IC695CPU310)
02/18/2009 SIM MOST FDT DTM Software Release 2.1
02/10/2009 Service Pack Machine Edition v5.90 SP 1
02/10/2009 SIM/Service Pack List Proficy Historian 3.1
02/04/2009 Utility Plant Applications Database Purge 2.0
01/22/2009 SIM/Service Pack List Proficy Real-Time Information Portal v3.0
01/09/2009 Service Pack Plant Applications v.4.4.1
(Supports Vista Business Edition )
11/2008 Upgrade Proficy Machine Edition 5.90
08/2008 Upgrade Proficy HMI/SCADA - iFIX v5.0 Upgrade
07/2008 Upgrade Change Management 5.80 Upgrade

Customer FAQs

Need answers to commonly asked questions such as "How do I update my license to the latest version?" or "How can I log in to the support site if I forgot my password?" Simply access the Customer FAQs, also available on the GlobalCare support site.

Q:   How can I update my existing license to the latest version?
A. Click here, select your product and fill in the requested details.
Q:   How do I download a driver/SIM for free?
A. Go to the GlobalCare homepage and select "Register" in the top right corner. You can also access the downloads via the "Downloads" section from the homepage.
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