World's First Ruggedized Software Radio Mezzanine Announced

PMC571 combines expertise of ICS, Radstone Phoenix, Arizona:  November 15th 2004:  Bringing together the expertise and experience of the two companies, ICS Ltd. – a member of the Radstone Group – today announced at the Software Defined Radio Forum (Phoenix, Arizona – November 15th – 18th) the PMC571, a fully rugged COTS single channel software radio mezzanine.  The PMC571 is the world’s first rugged PMC to offer wide bandwidth analog to digital and digital to analog conversion capabilities at software radio frequencies.  Combining it with Radstone’s market-leading PowerPC and DSP capabilities will allow customers to create multi-function blade products offering analog to digital and digital to analog conversion, FPGA, DSP and processing in a single slot configuration. “We have exposed the PMC571 to numerous potential customers and, based on their very positive feedback, we have decided to launch the product here at the SDR Forum,” said Ken Armitage, Vice President, Product Development at ICS Ltd.  “The PMC571 leverages ICS’s leadership in data acquisition and software defined radio and Radstone’s world-class expertise in ruggedization to create a product for which we expect considerable demand.” At the heart of the PMC571 is a powerful four million gate FPGA which provides the platform for application-specific software development within a Xilinx Virtex II environment.  Its 64-bit/66 MHz PCI interface ensures compatibility with the latest generation of Radstone Quad PowerPC Signal Processor boards in addition to VMEbus PowerPC and CompactPCI single board computers.  The PMC571 is available across all of Radstone’s five ruggedization levels.  The PMC571 is backed by the broad range of Radstone support services collectively known as ‘Whole Program Life COTS™’.  These services include application and technical support; repair; and ‘Product Lifecycle Management’, which gives customers a high degree of control over the issues associated with component obsolescence and over configuration management.