Why don't hardware interrupts work on the second channel of my PCI-1553 or cPCI-1553?

For PCI-1553 and cPCI-1553, using revision 4 Host Interface, hardware interrupts generated by the second channel of two-channel PCI-1553 and cPCI-1553 boards are masked prior to reaching the host. This has been resolved with revision 5 Host Interface.

Updates to these boards are available at no cost. If this issue affects your application, please contact your technical support representative for further details.

The Host Interface version may be read by software, either by using a PCI Viewer utility, or by using Condor's API. The BusTools_GetRevision function as noted in the "BusTools/1553-API Software Reference Manual" explains how to read the 'PROM version.'

Alternately, you may use a PCI configuration utility such as pview.exe or pciview.exe to read the Host Interface version. PCI configuration utilities function even if the API is not installed. PCI utilities are freely available on the web, or from the attachment link at right.