Why am I getting a minor frame overflow?

It is the responsibility of the application to ensure that the contents of each Minor Frame can be executed within the specified Minor Frame time. If a Minor Frame takes longer than the specified Minor Frame time, the BC simulation sets the "Minor Frame Overflow" bit and skips to the next minor frame.

Inserting High Priority messages may cause a Minor Frame Overflow. High Priority aperiodic messages run after the completion of the current message. The BC then returns to processing the regular message list. If there is not enough time to transmit the remaining messages in the bus list, a minor frame error occurs, transmission of the current minor frame stops, and the transmission of the next minor frame begins.

All BusTools API routines return an error status. The following mnemonic is defined when an error is detected while trying to halt the BC simulation:

API_BC_HALTERROR: Typically, this occurs after a Minor Frame Overflow is detected. After this error is detected, the BusTools board may need a full reset (a new call to BusTools_API_Init() or BusTools_BM_Init(), depending upon the reason for the error).