What Industries are the First to Introduce Wearables at Work?

Among the first business-focussed applications to be released into the wearable marketplace was developed by Alpine Metrics in partnership with Salesforce. The free Intelligence Forecasting application alerts salespeople of trends and information to help them make better decisions in real time.

“The adoption of technology like Alpine Metrics', that are really aimed at doing some kind of analytics behind the scenes--so that it's only showing you insights versus all this other data that may not matter--we're heavily adopting that right now, because we can see the productivity gains,” says Mark Bernardo, general manager of professional services at General Electric.

While GE does not yet have a holistic initiative for introducing wearable technologies, and applications like Alpine Metrics’ Intelligence Forecasting are widely used on non-wearable devices, Bernardo believes the company will be “reaching a tipping point” sooner rather than later.

Fast Company