What is the difference between the VME/VXI-429 product and the VME/VXI-AIC product?

The Condor VME-429 and VXI-429 product families are now sold as VME-AIC and VXI-AIC (Avionics Interface Controllers). The names have been changed because the products have evolved to support more protocols than just ARINC 429.

The architectural changes are created as a result of the incorporation of Condor's new IP-429HD IP Module, with new features resulting in changes from the old VME/VXI-429 products.

1. Our VME-429 and VXI-429 products were based on the IP-429 IP module. The VME-AIC and VXI-AIC products use the new Condor IP-429HD IP modules for ARINC 429 protocols.

2. VME-429 and VXI-429 configurations based on the IP-429 modules are still available, but only until IP-429 parts inventories are exhausted.

3. The IP-429HD module has a different pin-out than the IP-429. The IP-429HD offers a greater channel density, and the pin-out was optimized to support "twisted pair" ribbon cable.

4. All transmitters on the IP-429HD are dedicated (no multiplexed transmitters). All transmitters now have automatic slew rate adjustment (no jumpers required).

5. Each IP-429HD receiver has independent bit rate and parity selection (receiver selections are no longer "paired").

6. The IP-429HD offers increased channel density - up to a total of 16 channels per module (maximum density per module of 8Rx/ 8Tx). This results in VME-AIC and VXI-AIC boards supporting up to 32 Rx/32 Tx channels (a total of 64 channels per board).

7. The VME-AIC and VXI-AIC products are now significantly enhanced by the new Parametric Options available on the IP-429HD. This option includes variable receiver threshold voltages, adjustable transmit output voltages, and transmit error injection (parity, gap and bit count). These features provide significant value for production and test applications.

8. Product firmware has been upgraded to support the new module, and future firmware enhancements are targeted only for configurations based on the new IP-429HD module. The software interface to the VME-AIC firmware is upward-compatible with existing VME-429 products. Software differences are explained in the VME-AIC firmware distribution release notes (README.1ST). This document defines differences with versions 1.50 or later, and can be downloaded as a PDF file from our website: here or contact Condor and we will be glad to fax, e-mail or mail a copy to you.

9. Our system for part numbers has also changed. It is now based on the type of IP Module in each slot location, rather than channel count (since the same channel count can result from several different configurations). Reference the Condor Commercial Configuration Guide.

This information is provided as an overview of our product enhancements. If you have any specific issues, please do not hesitate to contact Condor Engineering.