VMIVME-4120 (IC697VAL306) Connection of P3 to BT10 Terminal Block

Page 2-21 and 2-22 of GFK2078 Product Manual shows connector P3 on this IC697VAL306 card, but how the P3 connector assignments on the this card relate to the VMIACC-BT10. This DIN rail terminal board only comes with 32 pin connectors minimum.

The IC697VAL306

(equivalent to VMIVME-4120) has a male C/2 32 pin DIN connector for P3. This connector mates with VMIVME-000-32-0xx flat twisted wire DIN cable with female connectors on each end. The -0xx denotes cable length in feet. Looking at the front of P3, the left row of Pins is the A row. Channel 0 output is A1 which is at the bottom. Channel 15 is on A16 at the top. The right hand row of pins are the C row and have the associated channel analog ground connections. When you connect P3 to the BT10 (VMIACC-BT10-132), the screw terminal blocks are clearly identified A1 thru A16 for the channel outputs, and C1 thru C16 for the ground returns. Looking at the BT10 with the DIN connector vertical and on your left, the pin locations match P3 on the I/O board.

Note that the picture in the BT10 data sheet is not actually a BT10-132, but BT10-164. This data sheet covers all the terminal blocks in the BT10 product line.