VMIVME-1182 Clarification of CSR After Self Test Completes

The VMIVME-1182 64 Channel Digital Input Board has a built in self-test mode which is started at power-up, system reset, watchdog timer invocation, or CSR bit 14 activation. Completion of the self-test sequence is indicated by the presence of a logical one at CSR bit 00. The Product Manual implies that only bit 00 is affected, but the entire CSR is actually written to 0x0001. This means that all CSR bits are reset to their default values, and the Fail LED is turned on. The user application software must determine that CSR bit 00 is a one, and then check the Self-Test register (offset 0x0004) for 0x0CBA which indicates successful completion of the self-test sequence. The application software then writes a one to bit 15 of the CSR to turn off the Fail LED and appropriate values to the remaing CSR bits to configure the board for the application.