VIM2 Video Input Mezzanine Raises Bar On Image Quality

Features advanced digitization, advanced video scaling, low latency Once again demonstrating the company’s leadership in video and graphics processing for harsh environment military applications such as mission computers and surveillance systems, Radstone Embedded Computing today announced the VIM2 Video Input Mezzanine.  Designed to complement the Octegra3 video and graphics processor, the VIM2 supports five simultaneous video inputs (two RGB, two TV, one DVI) with video input resolutions up to SXGA (1280 x 1024) and digital video input resolutions up to UXGA (1600 x 1200).  With image quality described by one military contractor as ‘stunning’, the VIM2 is suitable for deployment in ‘windowless’ environments: it has already been designed-in to one such application. “The combination of its high input channel count and ultra high performance in a single slot makes the Octegra3/VIM2 combination unique in the industry.  It is, for example, capable of generating real time 3D terrain visualization in addition to overlay on five separate video channels,” said Simon Collins, Product Marketing Manager at Radstone Embedded Computing.  “The VIM2 represents a significant step forward from its predecessor in providing an additional RGB input, separate scalers and more advanced image processing to deliver flexibility and image quality that are, we believe, unmatched by anything in the industry.” The advanced architecture of the VIM2 means that latency – the transmission time from image capture to image delivery – can be as low as 15 milliseconds (less than one video frame), making it well suited for applications where state of the art situational awareness is a requirement.  The VIM2 features five discreet scalers, using technology specifically developed by Radstone and implemented in FPGA, allowing substantial flexibility in configuring solutions:  scaling algorithms, appropriate to diverse input formats, are user-selectable.  Support for motion-adaptive deinterlacing as well as weave deinterlacing provides flexibility and the highest possible image quality.  The VIM2 is available for immediate delivery.