TempuTech’s Monitoring Solutions Recognized with Computerworld’s 2015 Data+ Editor’s Choice Award

  • TempuTech’s Intelligent Monitoring Systems Recognized for Role in Preventing Failures in Agricultural Equipment
  • TempuTech Leverages GE Technology to Harness the Power of Data Analytics and Improve Service and Maintenance Capabilities

BYHALIA, Miss. — September 9, 2015 — TempuTech, North America's most versatile provider of equipment, installation and repair services in the grain and cottonseed industry, has been recognized by Computerworld for the success of its intelligent monitoring solutions. This week, the publication named TempuTech and its solutions as one of its 2015 Data+ Editor’s Choice recipients.

“Depending on the size and contents of a grain storage bin, it can be valued at anywhere from $250,000 to more than $4 million,” said Adrian Merrill, chief technology officer and vice president of operations, TempuTech. “This recognition from Computerworld is a testament to our commitment to providing our agriculture customers with the tools they need to protect their equipment and condition their grain for top dollar. Our grain monitoring system, for example, helps our customers condition their grain by identifying hot spots in their grain bins that can result in spoilage or even cause the product to combust, enabling them to take action to rectify issues before damage occurs.”

TempuTech’s temperature monitoring system is just one of its protection offerings available to customers in the grain industry. It also offers hazard monitoring systems that can detect problems in grain conveyor systems to help prevent unplanned downtime and keep operators safe. These solutions are supplemented with GE’s PredixTM-powered Equipment Insight software, which enables TempuTech and its customers to remotely monitor real-time events and receive key performance indicators, leading to increased operation productivity.

GE’s software improves TempuTech’s data collection, analysis and management capabilities and helps it to minimize downtime and increase productivity for its customers. Part of GE’s Asset Performance Management portfolio of Industrial Internet solutions, Equipment Insight enables TempuTech to gather and analyze critical data from its customers, providing predictive analytics that can help identify specific incidents and conditions that could result in downtime. If the solution identifies a potential problem, TempuTech can proactively alert its customers, minimizing downtime effects.

TempuTech uses data and analytics to provide a proactive approach to maintenance, thereby minimizing downtime and increasing productivity for end users. With GE’s Equipment Insight solution, TempuTech’s customers now can access their data in real-time in a private, cloud-based environment via a custom URL anywhere, anytime, on any device. The technology allows users to seamlessly connect their machines, data, insights and people, regardless of location.

TempuTech is currently using GE’s Equipment Insight solution as the remote monitoring and diagnostics component of the hazard monitoring system at Riceland Foods, a large grain processor, to help improve its asset performance, reduce unplanned downtime and improve decision-making effectiveness. Based on the success of this implementation, TempuTech offers a system that controls all aspects of a grain storage facility, combining different applications, devices, sensors, databases and systems into one, mobile-accessible system that can start, monitor and stop key processes and can create preventative maintenance reports.

 “With our Equipment Insight solution, TempuTech will be able to provide an added level of protection for its customers, using data analytics and the power of the Industrial Internet to improve asset performance and decision-making effectiveness while also reducing unplanned downtime,” said Steve Pavlosky, general manager—Equipment Insight product line, GE’s Intelligent Platforms business.

Through geo-intelligence, GE’s technology provides TempuTech with the information needed to ensure the nearest technician is dispatched to the customer with the right parts and tools in-hand, improving utilization of their field services resources. In addition to traditional monitoring on local HMI hardwired screens, virtual monitoring is enabled via a dedicated, secure, cloud-based environment, combining the redundancy and security of a physical connection with the convenience of the cloud. This mobility allows OEMs to securely collect and analyze machine data from intelligent devices in the field and to relay key information to their employees and end users.

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TempuTech is an original equipment manufacturer of grain management systems based near Memphis, Tennessee. It manufactures custom-built cables and sensors that monitor grain temperature and provides turnkey, scalable hardware and software solutions to both small and large grain facilities. For more Information, visit www.temputech.com


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