Technology Deep Dive: Quick Connection

For years, water and wastewater utilities have monitored scatter pumping stations with SCADA systems. But what about communities that have only one or a few pump stations and lack the resources to design, engineer and configure SCADA? Typically, such utilities have had to monitor pump stations manually, sending a driver to visit each station periodically, inspect its function and record operating data from meters or gauges. Now, GE Intelligent Platforms offers the Pump Station Appliance, which the company describes as a purpose-built control and monitoring solution that can be purchased online and configured and installed in a day by an in-house or contract electrician. It’s designed as a cost-effective way for smaller utilities to automate station monitoring and operation. Alan Hinchman, infrastructure marketing director with GE Intelligent Platforms, talked about the offering in an interview with Treatment Plant Operator.

Treatment Plant Operator