Radstone Technology, the world's leading independent supplier of high-performance, rugged VME-based computer products and StarGen, Inc., a fabless semiconductor company, today announced the offering of Radstone products that are based on StarGen's StarFabric switched interconnect solution. Radstone is launching a range of fully rugged, StarFabric-based products for its world-leading quad PowerPC DSP family, the G4DSP signal processor board. The G4DSP is targeted at applications where the highest levels of DSP (digital signal processing) performance are required, in an array of intensive signal processing applications. StarFabric is a high-speed, point-to-point switched backplane and chassis-to-chassis interconnect solution for scalable and highly available communication and embedded systems. "StarFabric switching technology provides a wealth of excellent features, such as multi-casting, Quality of Service functionality, and high-availability features, making it an ideal choice for inter-board interconnectivity," commented Stuart Heptonstall, Radstone's DSP and Analog I/O Product Manager. "StarFabric benefits from being incorporated in the PICMG 2.17 backplane standard and is a zero protocol technology. It maps straight into PCI address space and inter-board transfers are implemented in the same way as inter-node transfers on the G4DSP, making the software task across multiple G4DSPs very simple and portable." The first product in Radstone's StarFabric portfolio, the PMC-StarLite, is a fully rugged PMC module, aimed at facilitating the G4DSP's highly acclaimed on-board architecture across multiple board sets. The PMC-StarLite will provide four externally available, StarFabric ports (switched, non-blocking), each capable of operating at 2.5Gbps full duplex, for inter-board connectivity. With the two PMC-StarLites on each G4DSP, connectivity of up to nine G4DSPs in a true any-to-any, any-to-many, many-to-one configuration can be achieved. By daisy chaining at a certain point through the non-blocking StarFabric switch, it is possible to achieve more than nine board sets. This is achievable because of easy to design and inexpensive passive backplanes or frontplanes. "We are pleased Radstone has selected StarFabric as the interconnect technology for their G4DSP product. The combination of Radstone's high performance, high-availability PowerPC DSP boards coupled with StarGen's switched interconnect technology enable very scalable high performance signal processing systems," said Tracy Richardson, president of StarGen, Inc. "It has been our goal to provide leading companies like Radstone with a high performance interconnect solution that is cost-effective, easy to design-in, and compatible with their existing software investment."