Single Board Computer To Drive Video Output


A single board computer does not initialize video when Power is applied and some of the status LEDs on the front panel flash.

The Single Board Computer (SBC) is not completing the BIOS Power On Self (POST) Test. The video is never being initialized. The LED flashing is indicating an error code. On some occasions, this is caused by the CMOS setting becoming corrupted.


Reference the Product User's manual for instructions on how to clear the CMOS settings. On most products, a jumper or switch allows the CMOS setting to be cleared. This will force the BIOS to use the default settings from the factory. After the board boots, the User's settings will need to be loaded and saved. If the board does not boot after the CMOS settings have been cleared, contact GEFanuc Technical Support or Customer Care for additional troubleshooting tips or to return the product for repair.