SDL Communications Unveils Next Generation Intelligent T3/HSSI WAN Adapter for PCI Bus

SDL Communications, the global leader in high performance wide area networking (WAN) adapters, today announced the immediate availability of its next generation intelligent T3/HSSI PCI WAN adapter, WANic 720/725. Improved Architecture and Higher Performance The WANic 720/725 is an intelligent single or dual port T3/HSSI WAN adapter for the PCI bus featuring enhanced architecture, higher performance and support for two modular physical interfaces. Other product highlights include an expanded API, improved PCI bus performance, port redundancy and time stamping. As with all SDL products, the WANic 720/725 is available with a comprehensive Driver Development Kit (DDK) that includes all software drivers, source code and documentation needed to facilitate the development of custom software, drivers or applications. Targeted for use as a T3 or FT3 interface for high performance applications such as VPN routers, WAN switches, WAN uplinks and WAN monitoring equipment, the WANic 720/725 is an enhanced version of SDL's popular WANic 700 PCI WAN adapter. The intelligent DS3/E3 PCI version of this product, the WANic 750/755, will be available in early April 1999. Subsequently, the 6-U CompactPCI version of these intelligent adapters with Hot Swap will be available in June 1999. As a leading innovator in the WAN interface market, SDL prides itself on meeting the evolving needs of the OEM market. "SDL understands that our OEM customers are often faced with time-to-market pressures and limited engineering resources," comments Robbie Dhillon, President and CEO of SDL Communications. "Introducing products such as the WANic 720/725 and WANic 750/755 is one of the many 1999 initiatives that SDL has set forth to help OEMs leverage our proven technology, innovative products and dedicated OEM sales/engineering support. The WANic 720/725 and WANic 750/755 have been developed to satisfy the next generation performance and feature sets defined in conjunction with several of our major WANic 700 customers." CP/2 Architecture: Industry Leading Approach to Hardware and Software Design The WANic 720/725 and WANic 750/755 have been developed using SDL's industry leading CP/2 Architecture. CP/2 Architecture is a modular approach to hardware and software design that utilizes common components, interfaces, hardware platforms and software drivers to develop WAN adapters. About SDL Communications SDL Communications, Inc. is a global leader in the design and manufacture of advanced wide area network adapters for use in networking platforms and systems. Recognized as the leading provider of WAN interfaces, SDL offers a complete line of networking products designed for use by leading technology companies, system integrators, and Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in system level products. SDL's WAN adapters are typically implemented in high performance multiprotocol routers, WAN servers (e.g. Internet Access Platforms and Server Based Remote Access Devices), WAN test equipment, FRADs, wireless CPE, satellite applications and Integrated Access Devices (IADs). Established in 1987, SDL Communications has grown into the premier developer of wide area adapters for PCI, CompactPCI and PMC systems. SDL's customer base includes technology leaders such as Nortel Networks, IBM, Motorola, Nokia, ITT, Compuware, GE and Network Associates. More information on SDL Communications and its products is available at