SDL Communications Sponsors Network World's "State of the WAN" Town Meeting

SDL Communications, the global leader in high performance wide area networking (WAN) adapters, is pleased to announce its sponsorship of Network World Town Meeting's "State of the WAN: Maximizing the Potential of Frame Relay, ATM and Emerging Network Services" event. Presented by Network World in association with Telephony, these interactive "State of the WAN" seminars will confront the issues surrounding the ever-expanding areas of WAN technology and network services. Attendees of this complimentary seminar will walk away with valuable information on the benefits of ATM, Frame Relay and other emerging WAN technologies/services. In addition, the "State of the WAN" event will address the requirements for providing end-to-end Quality of Service (QoS) and how to lower the cost of operations and support by effectively placing voice traffic over data transmission services. The moderators of this Town Meeting are John Gallant, Editor in Chief of Network World, and Dr. Jim Metzler and Debra Mielke, two leading industry analysts of The Metzler Group and Associates. "Given SDL's commitment to the advancement of WAN technology, we are strong advocates of insightful events such as the