SDL Communications Sponsors Network World's "State of the WAN" Town Meeting for a Second Year Running

SDL Communications, the global leader in the high-performance wide area networking (WAN) interface market, is pleased to announce its second consecutive year of sponsorship for Network World Town Meeting's "State of the WAN: Capitalizing on New Technologies and Services" event. Given the success of Network World's "State of the WAN" seminar tour in the Spring of 1999, SDL is proud to once again sponsor this exciting and compelling series of events. Presented by Network World, these interactive "State of the WAN" seminars will confront the issues surrounding the ever-expanding areas of WAN technology and network services. Attendees of this complimentary seminar will walk away with valuable insight on managing the growing dilemma of how to handle the data deluge across the WAN as data traffic continues to skyrocket due to more users, larger applications and the burgeoning Internet. In particular, this "State of the WAN" event will present four different angles in addressing the data deluge dilemma: (1) The Evolving Services Portfolio, (2) Making Sense of Managed Services, (3) Access in the Internet Age, and (4) Improving Customer Care. The moderators of this Town Meeting are Dr. Jim Metzler, leading industry analyst of Ashton, Metzler and Associates, and John Gallant, Editorial Director of Network World. "We at Network World Seminars and Events are very happy to welcome SDL Communications back as a sponsor of this year's