SDL Communications Introduces Industry's First Family of CompactPCI High-Speed WAN Adapters

Announcement Highlights:

  • Very first WAN Adapters for the fast growing market of CompactPCI based Chassis for high-end Network Servers and Network Processors
  • The CompactPCI bus is more compelling than the standard PCI bus in terms of resilience [e.g. Hot-swappable], overall cost, cooling requirements, space and longer bus lengths [i.e. More adapters per bus]
  • Comprehensive family of CompactPCI WAN adapters supporting the complete spectrum of line speeds from 56Kbps all the way to 52Mbps HSSI
  • $795 - $7,995 OEM pricing -- With Immediate Availability
  • SDL Communications, the market leader in high-performance WAN Susbsystems and xDSL technology, today announced the immediate availability of the industry's first family of CompactPCI bus based high-speed WAN adapters. This CompactPCI WAN family will be known as the ARIES. The Aries Product Line will complement SDL's widely used and highly regarded PCI bus based WAN adapters for Fractional T1, T1/E1, T3/E3, HSSI and HDSL applications. The Aries Product Line will initially consist of four CompactPCI WAN adapters targeted at OEMs and Systems Integrators. The ARIES family of WAN adapters consists of the: ARIES 500: High-speed, single or dual port synchronous adapter supporting speeds up to 28Mbps of bandwidth with standard V.35, RS422 and HSSI telecommunication interfaces. ARIES 550: ARIES 500 with an integrated T1 DSU/CSU that supports ESF and D4 framing. The ARIES 550 eliminates the need for external DSU/CSUs. ARIES 700: This single-port adapter supports 45/52 Mbps data rates for high-speed data and video [e.g. JPEG] networking applications. This adapter is geared for T3, FT3, E3 or HSSI applications on high-end Netrwork Servers. ARIES 750: ARIES 700 incorporates an integrated T3/E3 DSU. This adapter eliminates the need for an external T3 DSU. The ARIES 750 adapter is positioned as a WAN subsystem for the telecommunications service market. Designed for the CompactPCI market, the Aries adapters are ideal for developers of communications platforms such as routers, CPE switches, Internet access devices, Internet server platforms and satellite communications. Robbie Dhillon, President and CEO of SDL Communications comments, "Our Aries line of adapters represent a significant milestone for SDL Communications. The convergence of Windows NT, UNIX, PCI and CompactPCI technologies present a compelling market opportunity that SDL is well positioned to take advantage of with our Aries adapters." With the ARIES line of adapters, organizations that have adopted the CompactPCI standard can quickly integrate advanced WAN options into their products. The CompactPCI standard provides a standardized industry platform that facilitates the movement towards "open platforms." Pricing for the Aries line of adapters varies according to adapter. ARIES 500