SDL Communications Certified for Windows NT

Announcement Highlights:

  • Microsoft Windows NT Compatibility Awarded to SDL WAN Adapters
  • SDL WAN Adapters now positioned for System Integrators and Microsoft Solution Partners
  • Software support for PPP and Frame Relay
  • Comprehensive product offering
  • Designed for Internet Access and Server Based Remote Access
  • SDL Communications, a market leader in high-performance Wide Area Networking (WAN) sub-systems, today announced that four of its WAN adapters had been certified by Microsoft's Windows Hardware Quality Labs in Redmond, Washington. The WAN adapters certified for use in Windows NT systems were:
  • RISCom/N2 Synchronous WAN Adapter for ISA Bus
  • RISCom/N2csu Synchronous WAN Adapter with Integrated T1 DSU/CSU for ISA Bus
  • RISCom/N2dds Synchronous WAN Adapter with Integrated 56k DDS for ISA Bus
  • WANic 400 Synchronous WAN Adapter for PCI Bus
  • "The completion of this testing is an important step for SDL. Microsoft Solution Partners and Windows NT users demand product compatibility and performance testing. This step provides the foundation for the development of business alliances with resellers and system integrators who address the Windows NT market," comments William R. Koss, Vice President of Sales for SDL Communications, Inc. The Microsoft Windows Hardware Quality Lab tests hardware for compatibility and performance with Windows operating systems. The SDL WAN adapter products certified by Microsoft are key components of SDL's WAN Adapter offerings. The primary use of these WAN adapters in the Windows NT platform are for Internet access and Server Based Remote Access using the Routing and Remote Access services offered by the Windows NT platform. SDL includes Windows NT software support for PPP, Frame Relay and NDIS software drivers. SDL is also developing support for IPX and X.25 protocols to be delivered in 1998. "Towards the end of 1997, SDL will be certifying three more WAN adapters for use in Windows NT platforms. It is our objective to establish a leadership position in the Windows NT WAN adapter market by offering support for WAN services from 56k through T3 (45Mbps)," adds Koss. "Windows NT is an important market for SDL and we plan to set the market standards." About SDL Communications SDL Communications, Inc. is a world leader in the design and manufacture of advanced wide area network adapters for use in networking platforms and systems. Founded in 1987, SDL Communications has grown into a premier developer of wide area adapters for PCI and CompactPCI systems. The products developed by SDL Communications are designed for use in system level products by leading technology companies, system integrators, corporations and Internet Service Providers (ISPs). SDL''s customer base includes technology leaders such as IBM, Juniper Networks, Bay Networks, NetScout Systems, PairGain Technologies, Ipsilon Networks, Motorola, GE Spacenet, ITT, General Instruments and Network General. SDL's WAN adapters are typically implemented in high performance multiprotocol routers, WAN servers [e.g. Internet Access Platforms and Server Based Remote Access Devices], WAN Test Equipment, FRADs, Wireless CPE, Satellite applications and Integrated Access Devices (IADs).