SDL Communications Announces the WANic 500, Industry's Lowest Cost FT3/HSSI WAN Adapter for PCI Bus

Announcement Highlights:

  • Targeted for WAN access, Internet applications, Integrated Access Devices and Windows NT Server Based Remote Access strategies
  • Breakthrough Pricing: $800 List Price, available to OEM customers, resellers, and system integrators
  • HSSI Support for data rates from 2Mbps to 20Mbps
  • PCI Bus Plug-and-Play
  • Available in Quantity by November 30
  • DOS, Windows NT and Unix Support
  • SDL Communications, a market leader in high-performance Wide Area Networking (WAN) sub-systems, today announced the availability of WANic 500 PCI WAN adapter. The WANic 500 adapter is explicitly targeted at OEM customers who are developing Internet access platforms, DSLAMs, Integrated Access Devices, WAN communication platforms as well as Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and Microsoft Solution Providers who are deploying Windows NT systems that utilize the Routing and Remote Access capabilities of the Windows NT platform. The WANic 500 is based on SDL's proven and highly successful CP/2 Product Architecture®. SDL's CP/2 Architecture is a modular design strategy upon which all SDL adapter products are based. The WANic 500 is a single or dual (WANic 505) port, PCI WAN adapter that is designed around an advanced serial controller that is integrated with SDL's deep FIFO burst mode (DFBM) controller for PCI. The WANic 500 is a high-speed follow-on to SDL's highly successful WANic 400 product. The WANic 500 has an aggregate throughput capacity of 30Mbps. "We were driven to develop the WANic 500 by customers seeking a low-cost, fractional T3 capable HSSI WAN adapter. The WANic 500 is ideally positioned as a fractional T3 interface for Routers, DSLAMs and Servers that interface to a new generation of