SDL Communications Announces the Availability of the WANic 800/805 - Lowest Cost HSSI PCI WAN Adapter

Announcement Highlights:

  • Targeted for WAN access, Internet applications and Integrated Access Devices
  • Breakthrough Pricing: $2,495 List Price for WANic 800 single port HSSI and $2,895 for WANic 805 dual port HSSI for OEM customers.
  • Immediate Availability
  • Device Driver Development Kit (DDK) and Windows NT Software Support
  • SDL Communications, the market leader in high-performance Wide Area Networking (WAN) sub-systems, today announced the availability of the WANic 800 and WANic 805 multi-port HSSI WAN adapter for PCI bus. The WANic 800/805 adapter is explicitly targeted at enterprises that have high-speed data and video requirements, as well as networking system developers who are seeking high-capacity PCI bus interfaces. The WANic 800/805 provides an enticing, cost compelling and highly flexible solution for the burgeoning demand for efficient, high bandwidth Internet Access and WAN services. The WANic-800 series of products leverage SDL's CP/2 architecture and the advanced features of the Freedm-8 controller from PMC Sierra. The WANic 800/805 enhances SDL's line of Intelligent and Non-Intelligent HSSI adapters by setting a new market price point. The WANic 800 is available for under $1,000 in volume OEM quantities, the WANic 805 is available under $1,300 at such OEM volumes. The WANic 805 has an aggregate throughput capacity of 100 Mbps. "We were driven to develop the WANic 800 by customers seeking the lowest-cost, T3 capable HSSI WAN adapter. The WANic 800/805 is ideally positioned for system developers who are seeking to add multiple T3 interfaces. The growing bandwidth needs for wide area networking have fueled a growth in T3 services. The WANic 800/805 will cost effectively meet this demand," commented Robbie Dhillon, President and CEO of SDL Communications, Inc. For OEM customers, SDL Communications is offering a Driver Development Kit (DDK). The WANic 800 Driver Development Kit is designed to accelerate the integration process that OEM customers require in order to develop custom software support for the WANic 800. It includes all software drivers, source code and documentation to aid in the development of applications using SDL products. It is also designed to provide a common programming interface to all SDL adapters, enabling seamless integration of new products or product upgrades. About SDL Communications SDL Communications, Inc. is a world leader in the design and manufacture of advanced wide area network adapters for use in PCI and CompactPCI Bus systems such as high performance multiprotocol routers, WAN servers [e.g. Internet Access Platforms and Server Based Remote Access Devices], WAN Test Equipment, FRADs, Wireless CPE, Satellite applications and Integrated Access Devices (IADs). The products developed by SDL Communications are designed for use in system level products by leading technology companies and system integrators. SDL''s customer base includes technology leaders such as IBM, Bay Networks, NetScout Systems, PairGain Technologies, Nokia, Motorola, GE Spacenet, ITT, General Instruments and Network Associates.