SDL Communications Announces the Availability of the WANic 700 Developers Kit for T3/HSSI

Announcement Highlights:

  • Targeted for developers of high-speed WAN access systems
  • Integrated hardware and software development kit
  • Designed to reduce product integration time and provide improved time to market
  • Priority developers support
  • SDL Communications, a market leader in high-performance WAN subsystems, today announced the immediate availability of a Developers Kit for its WANic 700 WAN Adapter. The WANic 700 is a PCI bus WAN adapter that supports T3, FT3 and HSSI interfaces up to 52Mbps. The WANic 700 Developers Kit (WANic 700DK) is designed to provide OEM customers with a development environment for the integration of the WANic 700 into a networking platform. Contained in each WANic 700DK are two (2) WANic 700 adapters, a Device Driver Development Kit (DDK), cables, sample device driver code, diagnostic software and priority product support agreement. The WANic 700DK is the first of several developers' kits that will be announced by SDL Communications over the next few months that will leverage SDL's CP/2 Architecture®. Leveraging SDL's CP/2 Architecture The WANic 550 is based on SDL's proven and highly successful CP/2 Product Architecture®. SDL's CP/2 Architecture is a modular design strategy upon which all SDL adapter products are based. By classifying our adapter hardware platforms into two categories, shallow and deep adapters, hardware and software commonality can be maximized and unprecedented cost/performance levels achieved. In order to maximize the benefits of the PCI bus, SDL adapters are designed to bus master and perform burst operations once the PCI bus is acquired. SDL's CP/2 Architecture brings several strong advantages to SDL's customers:
  • Reduced time to market for new adapters, new interfaces and product features
  • Commonality of hardware and software reduce development time
  • The use of industry standard I/O modules provide SDL with a wide range of interfaces
  • Use of industry standard software drivers (I20, NDIS, UNIX Streams, Windows NT) enable us to take advantage of a variety of applications and protocol stacks
  • Market leadership in cost and performance capabilities
  • WANic 700 Developers Kit Availability The WANic 700 Developers Kit is available from SDL for $6,000. This includes two (2) WANic 700 T3/HSSI adapters for PCI bus, a Driver Development Kit, cables, diagnostic software and priority product support Monday through Friday from 9AM EST until 5PM EST. A WANic 700 Developers Expansion Kit can be purchased for an additional $4,000. The WANic 700 Developers Expansion Kit includes two (2) additional WANic 700 adapters and cables. About SDL Communications SDL Communications, Inc. is a world leader in the design and manufacture of advanced wide area network adapters for use in networking platforms and systems. Founded in 1987, SDL Communications has grown into a premier developer of wide area adapters for PCI and CompactPCI systems. The products developed by SDL Communications are designed for use in system level products by leading technology companies, system integrators, corporations and Internet Service Providers (ISPs). SDL''s customer base includes technology leaders such as IBM, Juniper Networks, Bay Networks, NetScout Systems, PairGain Technologies, Ipsilon Networks, Motorola, GE Spacenet, ITT, General Instruments and Network General. SDL's WAN adapters are typically implemented in high performance multiprotocol routers, WAN servers [e.g. Internet Access Platforms and Server Based Remote Access Devices], WAN Test Equipment, FRADs, Wireless CPE, Satellite applications and Integrated Access Devices (IADs).